J.Cat Beauty Triple Crown Baked Shadows (Dolce De Leche & Creme Brulee) | Review

J.Cat Beauty Triple Crown Baked Shadow Creme Brulee and Dolce de Leche3

I first encountered J.Cat Beauty’s baked shadows from Toni Sia’s YouTube channel when she recommended Dolce De Leche as a cheap alternative to the infamous The Balm’s Mary Lou Manizer in one of her videos. Well, I trust her and she has never steered me wrong so I went ahead and bought the same shade and another.


J.Cat Beauty Triple Crown Baked Shadow Creme Brulee and Dolce de Leche2

Multidimensional and light as air, this velvety baked formula wears all day long. Shimmery marbling tri-color eye shadow really packs in the pigments. Our uniquely designed SOLAR baked formula blends seamlessly and is ultra versatile. Apply dry for an even wash of color or wet for a more dramatic look.

J.Cat Beauty Triple Crown Baked Shadow Creme Brulee and Dolce de Leche

Both Dolce De Leche and Creme Brulee are warm toned baked eyeshadows with three tiers of shades and a whole lot of shimmer. While the former has an overall champagne undertone when mixed, the latter has some peach vibes thrown in. Swatches are down below so you can see what I mean.

The formula is soft and blends well together but fallout is very much present. As eyeshadows, I need to wear them with an eye primer underneath because they start creasing after 3 hours with fading visible after another hour. But that’s my oily lids for you. If worn with a primer, they can easily last for more than half a day. And yes, they can be both worn wet or dry but they look infinitely better when wet so do keep that in mind. As highlighters on the other hand, well it’s a different but oh-so-beautiful story. They stay for at least 6-7 hours with little fading throughout the day. My swatches are all applied dry by the way just so you can see how pigmented they are. Just imagine them if applied wet.

J.Cat Beauty Triple Crown Baked Shadow Creme Brulee and Dolce de Leche swatches

Yeah, right? So gorgeous. Hence, the reason why I use them more as highlighters. Occasionally though, I use them on the inner corner of my lids.

When I bought these, J.Cat Beauty has not yet come to the Philippines but today, the brand is available at Uptown Bonifacio in Taguig. The Triple Crown Baked Eyeshadow currently retails for Php 369. The price is another reason why I’m all game for these and I’m hoping they’ll open more branches soon. For more of their products, you can visit J. Cat Beauty.

Who else is using these baked shadows as highlighters? A show of hands please!


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