Girl Travels to Seoul, South Korea

Flight to Korea December 2017

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to share with you what I did in South Korea day by day. I would have loved to share more photos with you guys of my time there but my fingers won’t cooperate in temperatures below zero degrees. So yeah, really sorry for the lack of photos. I will try to grab some from my brother since he’s more tolerant of the cold. I did a separate post for my haul before but today, here’s a look into our itinerary. Do keep in mind that I am not a travel blogger.

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Japan Makeup and Skincare Haul


Hello, hello!

Today’s just a showcase of what I bought from Japan. This should’ve been up a long time ago but life interfered. Anyway, don’t expect a major haul because I was only there for a short time and since there were a lot of places to go and see, I didn’t focus on stuffing my luggage with a lot of beauty products. Continue reading