Coronavirus in the Philippines: How Can You Help and Where To Donate

Hello everyone. How are you today, physically and mentally? If you’re reading this, I hope you’re well and healthy.

Here in the Philippines, there’s a rising number of Filipinos getting infected, more doctors are getting sick, and worse, 9 have already given their life in service. The number of PPE’s and medical supplies in health facilities across the nation continues to dwindle. My best friend reached out and asked if I could help her look for anyone who can donate medical supplies to the hospital she’s working in. And in my search, I came across more hospitals and more organizations asking for help. So I compiled them and put them in one post. Continue reading

Heimish Skincare: Try Me, Review Me from Stylekorean

Welcome back to another post on my blog. I just reviewed the Heimish Dailism Smudge Stop Mascara and now I’ll be going over the other skincare items I received from the brand and Stylekorean. Here we go. Continue reading

Heimish Dailism Smudge Stop Mascara | Review

I recently got a few Heimish products from Stylekorean to review. I’m reviewing them in two posts because majority of what I was sent is skincare — all of those will be in one post. Today’s review though is the only makeup product included in the package, the Dailism Smudge Stop Mascara. Continue reading to know my thoughts about it. Continue reading

MAC x Maine Mendoza Lipstick | Review

The only way I could enjoy a red lipstick is if it’s a true red or has a cool undertone. For me, those types of reds can make you look more confident and of course, make your teeth look whiter. Those are some of the reasons I got excited when MAC Philippines announced that Maine Mendoza is collaborating with them again for their #MACMaker series and this time, it’s not just a lipstick but there’s also a Lipglass, both of which are in bold shades of red. Continue reading

Jumiso All Day Vitamin Clean & Mild Facial Cleanser | Review

I love finding a new pH-balanced cleanser I can rave about. There are a lot of options out there but I have a weakness for Korean skincare. When Jumiso recently came out with their own, I added it immediately on my wishlist. Fortunately enough, I was sent one and I now have the opportunity to review it. Continue reading