Jumiso Skincare: Try Me, Review Me from Stylekorean

I’ve long been interested in the skincare of Jumiso and now, because of Stylekorean, I get to try not just one item but four products. These are the ones that are on the top of my wishlist. So after using them for approximately 2 weeks, I’m now going to share my thoughts with you. I would have tested these out longer but I know I’ll be more busy in the coming weeks because of the holidays. Continue reading

In Her Element Rosewater Hydrating Moisture Mist | Review

For as long as I can remember, I find the rose scent too strong for senses. At times it can give me a headache but so I tend to avoid them at all cost — the flowers, in perfumes and more recently in skincare. I thought I’ve sworn off of them until I got to try some of the products of local brand, In Her Element. Continue reading

Pyunkang Yul Moisture Skincare Set | Review

When Skinx sent me some products, they asked what my skin type is and what issues I was currently dealing with. I told them I have an oily but dehydrated skin. They sent me a skincare set from the brand Pyunkang Yul and that’s what I’ll be reviewing today. I meant to review this earlier but real life got in the way. Now let me get into it. Continue reading

A Fun Thanksgiving Fair to Remember by Ever Bilena with Makeup Swatches

Since I started blogging, I never thought I’d get invited to any beauty event. I mean I was happy to have attended a few product launches by Asian brands but a famous local makeup brand? I still couldn’t believe it up to now. Last November 20, 2019, Thursday, I was invited by Ms. Liz Lanuzo and the Project Vanity team Ever Bilena’s thanksgiving party in Makati from which I was able to take home a few items. Continue reading

Keep Cool and Shine Fixence Mist | Review

Keep Cool products has been constantly doing so well in my opinion in terms of product effectiveness and how my skin has responded to the ones I’m using that I promised myself I would try the rest of their products at least once. Well, for today I’ll be writing about one of their face mists. They currently have 3 variants and the one I’ll be showing you today is the Shine Fixence Mist. Continue reading