Heimish Dailism Smudge Stop Mascara | Review

I recently got a few Heimish products from Stylekorean to review. I’m reviewing them in two posts because majority of what I was sent is skincare — all of those will be in one post. Today’s review though is the only makeup product included in the package, the Dailism Smudge Stop Mascara. Continue reading to know my thoughts about it. Continue reading

MAC x Maine Mendoza Lipstick | Review

The only way I could enjoy a red lipstick is if it’s a true red or has a cool undertone. For me, those types of reds can make you look more confident and of course, make your teeth look whiter. Those are some of the reasons I got excited when MAC Philippines announced that Maine Mendoza is collaborating with them again for their #MACMaker series and this time, it’s not just a lipstick but there’s also a Lipglass, both of which are in bold shades of red. Continue reading

Illiyoon Fresh Moisture Lip and Eye Remover | Review

As a makeup lover, I love a long-wearing lip formula and waterproof eye makeup but sometimes they’re just a pain to remove. I always need a makeup remover on hand to take them off easily and that’s why I was so eager to get my hands on this product from Illiyoon. Continue reading

My First Makeup Wishlist for 2020

This will probably be my only makeup wishlist for the year; that is if makeup brand releases keep on boring me. It’s been so long since I did one and I believe I’m experiencing makeup fatigue. With new makeup releases every week, it’s no surprise that I don’t find myself impressed by a majority of them anymore.

Last year, in order to facilitate my no-buy, I began making a “Skiplist“. Five months in and the list just got longer and longer to the point where I stopped compiling it because most of what I see just don’t interest me. However, there are still a few though that make me want to play with new makeup ergo, this wishlist. Continue reading

Self Beauty Glam Up Highlighter in Milkyway | Review

If you’ve been with me at the start of my blog, you would know just how much I love highlighters! Nothing makes me more happy, makeup-wise, than discovering a new highlighter from a brand I haven’t heard of and seeing it perform just as well as the famous ones. Well, that’s what’s happening for today. I discovered a highlighter from Korea. Continue reading