About the girl


The girl without her glasses

Hi everyone! I’m a thirty-something Filipina with a penchant for art, literature, fashion and beauty, and a deep fascination for the tale of Alice in Wonderland. I was a Psychology major in college and have a postgraduate degree as a Doctor of Medicine. I’m currently taking up residency training as a dermatologist in a government hospital in Manila. As of January 2018, I have finished my dermatology training and I’m currently reviewing for my specialty exam (wish me luck!).

Some tidbits about my skin. I have an oily, sensitive, skin type dealing with issues of hormonal acne and pores. Yes, even dermatologists get acne. My face is cooler than my neck and I am somewhere in between an NC 15 and 20. In general I’d describe my skin as light with neutral to warm undertones.

Drop by some time and let me know what you think. You can also send me questions about anything especially if it’s about the skin. Remember, dermatologist here.

You can also find me here:



12 thoughts on “About the girl

  1. I’m a recent follower and I am in love with your blog 😍 I’m a doctor myself and I like that I can finally relate to a beauty junkie who I am in the same field with… who blogs! Keep it up!


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