Love The Second Time Around: Products Given A Second Chance

Love the second time

There are certain products you never think will work for you the first time you tried it on. Admit it. Whether it’s some kind of skincare, makeup or a tool, you kind of just gave up on it after a few attempts at making it work then stowed it away to be tried later for the nth time or worse, never again. Am I right?

But nothing stays the same. You might have reached for that seldom-used palette with a new brush and when used together, works perfectly well with each other. You might have applied an old foundation differently or maybe your skin got better over time but suddenly, you now have that promised luminous skin.

Something changed. The weather? Your preference maybe or is it the trends? Whatever it is, there maybe beauty products you own that did not impressed you the first time but now, they seem so amazing to your eyes. Well, here’s mine: Continue reading

Sweet As Dessert: MAC Peaches & Cream Blush

MAC Peaches & Cream Blush

One fine day when the sun was (surprisingly) peeking out of the clouds, I felt in my gut a strong craving for something fruity and sweet. Lo, and behold I spotted IHOP from a distance so I went inside.

I was just about to dig in my order of Peaches & Cream Parfait when all of a sudden, everything blurs and dims until pop! — my eyes open and I find myself in my bed, one hand outstretched as if reaching out for that disappearing plate of dessert from my dreams.

I suddenly remember that I have my own Peaches & Cream. I’m talking about the blush from Sharon’s collection, of course. Continue reading

MAC Kelly Yum Yum, A Yummy Fuschia

MAC Kelly Yum Yum

The Kelly Yum Yum lipstick is a last minute addition to my order before the release of the Osbourne’s collection. I knew it would sell out. It was just a matter of giving in to the temptation or holding out until the collection passes.

Well, I’m glad I wasn’t able to resist. I’m relieved to have the chance to add it to my collection because it’ s so beautiful! Continue reading

A Smart Choice: MAC Bloody Brilliant Quad

MAC Bloody Brilliant Quad

I originally ordered the Duchess quad from the Sharon Osbourne collection (you might think, “Oh no Nikki, not another neutral quad!“) but instead, I was sent the other quad from Kelly’s collection. Bummer.

It was an honest mistake, one that the seller apologized for. I see no reason to exchange it because it came with the Pedro Lourenco Nude quad and really, I have a ton of neutral palettes. I think it was a blessing in disguise as I got a neutral palette and a not-so neutral one.

Click for more of my thoughts. Continue reading