Poppin’ Cheeks with Clinique Cheek Pops in Berry Pop and Peach Pop

Clinique Cheek Pops3

Whenever Temptalia recommends a certain product in her blog, my curiosity and excitement reaches an all-time high. My fingers are poised over the keyboard and my eyes are glued to the computer monitor searching for more swatches and reviews across the web. Temptalia practically seals the deal for me but I’m always keen to know how something would look like on different skin tones.

Only a handful of brands and products get her approval. So when the new cheek blushes from Clinique got the top marks, I just had to get it.

Like a wide-eyed kitten presented with a ball of yarn, my paws are ever ready to grab. Meow!

The Promise:

Vibrant yet natural-looking cheek colour that looks virtually powderless. In a silky smooth, stay-true formula with shades for every skin tone. That just-pinched look, simply effortless. Continue reading

Urban Decay All Nighter Eyeliner in Perversion: An Approved Vice

Urban Decay All Nighter Eyeliner Perversion2

A good eyeliner is hard to find. Admit it. We all want something that is smudgeproof, waterproof and long-wearing. Various promises by different brands are not enough to convince me to try them out unless someone else has testified to the claim. Whether they come in pots, pencils or pens, liquid or gel-like in consistency, the three aforementioned traits are a must. There were some hits and misses. Only a few impressed me.

But then there was Urban Decay.

And they released an eyeliner boasting of a blacker than black shade. Oh boy, was I in trouble.

The Promise:

Draw ultra-shiny, intense lines that are blacker-than-black. Our creamy formula twists up, glides on and dries down to a long-lasting waterproof finish. When you need your eyeliner to really perform, you’ve got to bring in the big guns—and All Nighter Eyeliner delivers. This twist-up liner lays down intense, ultra-shiny, blacker-than-black lines that REALLY last.

Like our award-winning 24/7 Eye Pencils, this soft, CREAMY formula glides on smoothly. And true to its name, once All Nighter Eyeliner dries down, it’s not going anywhere! The waterproof formula won’t smudge or budge. Added bonus: All Nighter Eyeliner contains moisturizing vitamin E and it’s vegan.

All Nighter Eyeliner is great for travel, because it’s easy to apply on the run. (No need to carry around a sharpener or deal with messy pencil shavings!)

 Fill Weight: 0.28 g / 0.01 oz Continue reading

Get Your Feet Up: A DIY Pedicure For A Summer Vibe

Julep Pedicure Challenge10
Julep Pedicure Challenge9

I was recently contacted by the wonderful people at Julep to partake in a DIY pedicure challenge inspired by the summer season. Oh boy, was I excited to do it! They have their own pedicure guide for those of you who want it.

Let me get this out first. One, summer season is already over and done here in the Philippines. Two, Julep is not locally available here. If they were, I’d definitely be using their polishes for this challenge and I would be one of the first people to get their hands on the Plié wand. Definitely makes manicures and pedicures easier for clumsy girls like — ahem — yours truly. (You would not believe how many polish splatters have decorated my bedroom floor, sheets and table.)

So why did I accept the challenge?

I do love bold and bright nail polishes. I may not be as eager to purchase them as I do with lipsticks but a bright spot of color on my nails and toes is one way to perk me up especially in this gloomy weather we’re having. Second, doing this reminds me how much I love summer — the beach, shorts, sandals, bikinis and colors. Continue reading

Top Cranberry Lip Combinations

Cranberry Lip Combo

Today, I’m going to show you all about my current favorite lip liner, MAC Cranberry, and some of the wonderful lip colors I have paired it up with.

First of all, I wanted to entitle this as, “More Reasons to Fall in Love With The Cranberry Lip Liner: My Top 5 Lip Combinations”. It sounded so good in my head but it turned out to be a mouthful.

Second, I wanted to narrow it down to the top 5 but I was having difficulty in picking the lipsticks I wanted to feature so I apologize, it ended up not being a “top 5″ thing.

It’s a top-6 instead. Wink. I’m silly that way.

Here they are: Continue reading

July Product Round-up

July 2014 Products

Hello, hello!

The weather around here has become a lot colder and more wet. We’ve got typhoons coming and going every few days or so and there are abrupt rainshowers that does not last for more than an hour and ending just as soon I find shelter (yes, it happened to me several times a day in Makati). Even when it’s not raining, the sky has been mostly cloudy during the day. I kind of miss summer already.

Anyway, I’m sipping a cup of coffee as I type this. I want to be as busy as possible because my hands are itching to go to Tarte online for their Friends and Family Sale (everything is 30% off!!!). But my will is stronger. I will not be tempted. Instead, I’m just going to look at all my favorite beauty products for July. Continue reading