Game Changer Series: The Coral That Started It All

MAC Betty Bright4


     an event, idea, or procedure that effects a significant shift in the current manner of doing or thinking about something.

I’ve made it no secret that I’m a coral fanatic. For today’s Game Changer Series (the last was way back in June — eep! Sorry), I would like to show you the first coral lipstick I found myself falling in love with.

Ladies of all ages, for anyone who is a MAC addict, I know you’ll be familiar with this shade.

Drum roll please.

Hailing from the Archie’s Girls Collection released last Spring 2013, yes, you’ve guessed right — assuming our brains travel the same wavelength — the Betty Bright lipstick.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of lip and arm swatches spanning across the world wide web. Simply Google it up if you haven’t come across the shade for more reviews. I’ll go ahead and dive right into my experience. Continue reading

ZA Cosmetics Deep Cleansing Oil

ZA Deep Cleansing Oil

Before I retire for the night, it is imperative that I take off ALL the makeup I had put on in the morning. I’ve been using the Bifesta Sebum Cleansing Lotion as soon as I saw it displayed in stores last year. I was content with it but I wanted to experience for myself what the fuss is surrounding cleansing oils. I mean, what kind of beauty adventurer would I be if I didn’t stray every now and then from something that works to try out something new?

I actually wanted to try Shu Uemura’s Anti/Oxi Skin Refining Cleansing Oil but a small 150mL bottle costs Php 2,295 around here. Say what? Uh, no thanks? I’ll have to pass on that at the moment.

So I took to searching for a cheaper alternative. And there was ZA Cosmetics. Continue reading

August 2014 Product Round-up

August 2014 Products

I can’t believe August has just ended more than a week ago. The -ber months are already here!

And to tell you the truth, I don’t have much beauty products to share with you that I haven’t shared before except for a few new items I added to my routine. I was mostly splurging on skincare if you must know. But really, once I find a good beauty product, I stick to it religiously… until a better alternative comes along. For the month of August, here are the few most notable products I had been reaching for almost everyday.

Snoe Beauty Hair Heroes Extreme Curl Defining Hair Creme. Between the two styling products I bought last month, I prefer this locally made styling cream to the other one. I like its scent and the non-sticky feeling of the cream but it’s certainly not without some flaws. I’m gathering my thoughts as I type this down so wait for my review. Continue reading

Velvet Lips Made Easy With The Lime Crime Velvetines

Lime Crime Velvetines2

Hello, hello! It’s such a nice day out, don’t you think? Despite the rainy season, today had been a beautiful sunny day. Sigh. Oh and I think I finally found a matte lipstick that I can tolerate.

It’s not an everyday occurrence that I’m going to rave about a matte lip color. My dry lips will take what they can and fortunately for them, that includes the Lime Crime Velvetines.

So for this post, I’m excited to share with you my thoughts and experience with the 2 Lime Crime Velvetine shades I got  just recently. Continue reading

Smooth As Butter: NYX Butter Lipsticks in Sweet Tart, Mary Janes and Licorice

NYX Butter Lipsticks

I was not overly impressed with NYX lipsticks before. I should have bought the Round Lipsticks first but instead I tried the matte ones. My lips were left painfully dry and worse, I had an allergic reaction to them. After that, I never bothered trying anything else.

It doesn’t mean that I will never try any lip product from NYX. Where’s the fun and adventure in that? Now when the Butter Lipsticks came out, I wanted to hoard a few choice shades. But I only picked 3.

Believe me, it was one of the most difficult decisions I had to make. Continue reading