Want: NARS Matte Multiple

I wonder what they used for contour on the model? I want to get my hands on it!

Before the NARS release their new Matte Multiples on March 1, I want everyone to know that I do not own a single Multiple from the current line. To tell you the truth, I do not trust the shimmer to look good on my oily skin.

But I hope that will all soon change. A matte Multiple is just a dream come true for someone like me. My excitement has actually led me to the video above. A short introduction of the Matte Multiple from the NARS’ YouTube channel. I can’t wait until I see the swatches and reviews of these.

I’ve been going back to Specktra for any updates and I found this photo below.


Aren’t they gorgeous?

I bet these will sold out in a snap. (Like the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush. Remember how I was looking forward to those? They’re still sold out at Sephora.) But no worries, these will be added to the permanent line.

So, excited yet?

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