A.stop 3ACT VC Melatonin Serum | Review

An anti-aging serum is always a welcome item in my stash. I may not see its promised effects on my skin immediately but I always say that it’s better to have one than none at all. Usually, there’s only one main antioxidant in a serum but today’s review will have me talking about a product with 2 antioxidants in it All the more reason to use it then, I say! Continue reading

To Make You Smile Iconic Brightening Essence | Review

TMYS Iconic Brightening Essence

I am so excited to write about this review today and share with you a new vitamin C product that has me completely head over heels. The company is from Thailand called, “To Make You Smile“, and they are a vegan and cruelty-free brand. Their very first product is this vitamin C essence that has been gaining a lot of attention in Instagram lately. Now let’s get into this post so I can tell you all about it. Continue reading

Tiam My Signature C Source| Review

Tiam My Signature C Source

A few times a month, I’d usually add a vitamin C serum to my routine just to brighten up my skin or lighten up any dark marks left behind by any breakout. After my Cosrx Triple C Lightning Liquid┬áhas fully oxidized the point of being anything but effective, I turned to Tiam’s newly packaged serum to hopefully give me the same kind of brightening effect. Continue reading