Maybena Multiple Intensive Moisture Masks | Review

I don’t often sheet mask these days. The reason is I realized how much plastic I was putting in the trash. It’s not exactly the sheet masks per se that I believe are the ones contributing to the pollution but more of the plastic packaging that they come in. Imagine, for every individual sheet mask a person uses, there’s an equivalent plastic thrown away. That’s why when I saw these masks from Maybena, I got a little excited because their packaging is very different. Continue reading

Centellian24 Madeca Derma Cream & Mask | Review

Somewhere on my wishlist sits the Centellian24 Madeca cream and mask. I had plans to get both of them the next time I go to Seoul. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen anytime within the year so I was very much excited to know that Charis Celeb was going to send me them to review. And at last, here they are. Continue reading

Recellme Nature A-Free Mask | Review

Today’s review is one I’m most excited to write about. Actually, I first saw this brand in Instagram when my friends began raving about them. I find their sheet mask more intriguing than most of the collection but that’s not to say I’m not interested in trying the rest of the brand’s products. Although I did purchase it during the AB Community PH event, I was so happy when they sent me more to review. Continue reading

Charis M+ Madecassoside Cica Mask | Review

One of my favorite skincare discoveries from Charis is their M+ Madecassoside Cica Cream. And as you all know, I love anything that has centella asiatica or cica in it. So I was very excited the day I received the news from Charis that I will also be able to test out their M+ Madecassoside Cica Mask. I had high hopes for it. Continue reading if you want to know if it met my expectations. Continue reading

Lavien Radiance Bio Cellulose Mask | Review

To be honest, before this review, I have never used a bio-cellulose mask in my routine. I’ve been meaning to and I know I have a few on hand but the thought always slips my mind. Charis, however, gave me an opportunity to try this bio-cellulose mask from Lavien. Read on to know my review of it. Continue reading