Product Empties for April 2018

2018 April Product Empties

Today will be another short entry on the blog because it’s an empties post. I don’t have a lot to show but nonetheless, I’m proud of myself for these.

I’ve finished up another bottle of one of my Deciem’s The Ordinary serums. This time it’s the Advanced Retinoid 2% but I have a backup of this that I bought late last year. I’ve already gone ahead and opened that one after this. Currently I’m looking for a substitute for this serum so if you guys have an idea of what I could replace it with, that would be most awesome. Continue reading


Mizon Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream | Review

Mizon Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream

An eye cream is such an integral part of my skincare and I believe in any skincare regimen. One of the thinnest areas of our skin is located around our eyes and as such, proper hydration and care is very much needed if we want to prevent premature sagging and wrinkling.

I’ve had this Mizon eye cream for a while now but I don’t use it regularly because I apply whatever eye cream I see first. Anyway, just this month I finally managed to use it everyday for almost 4 weeks so I can write a review. Continue reading

Korean Skincare Wishlist

Korean Skincare Wishlist

A new addiction is creeping up on me guys. I can feel it. It all started with the revelation that Asian skincare is loads better than majority of the western brands for my skin.

Where did this come from you may ask. Well, I was very much influenced by a close friend  who has been my shopping buddy and no.1 enabler since medical school. She’s on Instagram as @kimchiandsnails, so go follow her if you’re a fan of Asian beauty, I command you. Now let me show you some of the brands or products I’ve already got my eyes on. Continue reading