JUNO & Co. Microfiber Fusion Sponge | Review

JUNO & Co. Microfiber Velvet Sponge3

I’m sure you all know the microfiber sponge by now. I was eager to get my hands on it because it’s cheaper than a Beauty Blender and it was being raved by Nikkie Tutorials and Kathleen Lights. The problem is everyone seems to want to get a hold of it and it was mostly sold out during the time I was so keen on it. Luckily enough, a friend of mine offered her extra sponge and she let me buy it from her. Continue reading


My Summer-Proof Makeup Base Routine

2018 Summer-Proof Base Routine

Today’s post won’t be a product review. The reason is I’m trying to cram as much as I can for my review and starting today until I finish my exam, I’ll be posting less frequently. I’ll probably won’t write much reviews too because products generally require more thought and close observation from me which I really can’t afford right now. Instead, I might post something short every now and then just so you guys know I’m still kicking it, LOL.

Anyway, today I want to share my base routine this summer. Continue reading

Swatch Day Sunday Vol.21: Happy Skin Festival of Colors Haul

Happy Skin Festival of Colors haul

Last Friday, I deliberately passed by the Happy Skin booth at the Power Plant Mall in Makati to check if the Festival of Colors collection is already available. And what do you know it finally is!

Today, I’ll be swatching and showing you the few items I hauled. Nothing major. Continue reading

AOA Wonder Blender | Review

AOA Studio Wonder Blender

I don’t use a beauty sponge on a daily basis because I find makeup brushes to work quite well on me. I’ve never written a review on the original beauty blender even though I have one lurking around (should I really?). I’ve used it a couple of times but haven’t tried any other brand until this, the AOA Wonder Blender.

Continue reading