Top Liquid Lipstick Picks for 2016


This is another post that should’ve been up ages ago so forgive me if this comes quite late. Anyway, I mentioned that last year I got into three beauty products, highlighters, eyeshadow palettes and liquid lipsticks. Today, I’ll be listing down the most memorable liquid lipsticks that made my year in no particular order.

ColourPop Cosmetics have some amazing products. I got two shades of the Ultra Matte Lips but sadly those felt punishing on my lips. The Ultra Satin Lips, on the other hand, are comfortable and light. They don’t suck the moisture out of the lips nor do they leave them cracked and flaky during the day. Continue reading

Midyear Product Round Up for 2016

Product Round Up June 2016

When I started blogging, I used to feature the best products I have encountered in short posts because, let’s be honest, I gotta let you know which ones I’m always wearing right? Sharing is caring, as the saying goes.

In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t done that since the start of the year. My bad. I figured with all my makeup interests dwindled down to just three things, I can just post one after 6 months. And those three things? Liquid lipsticks, highlighters and eyeshadow palettes.  Continue reading

Best of My 2014 Product Round Up

The past year has been amazing. I met people online and offline who are just as addicted to makeup as I am. I, the girl behind her glasses, am extremely thankful to everyone who has taken their time to visit my little corner on the web, liked my posts and commented.

Now, what beauty blog would this be if I don’t list down the most amazing finds I have discovered in 2014? So sit back, relax, grab a cup of tea or hot cocoa, perhaps some biscuits too if you want. Here they are, the best of the best products, in my opinion at least. 😉


Best of 2014 face products


When long hours at work are inevitable and I have to plunge my head on multiple tasks/errands and deadlines, I only trust the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer (review) to make my makeup last until late into the night. Or when, you know, there’s no time to reapply my makeup for after-work dinner and drinks. In second place is the Purely Cosmetics Oil Absorb Powder (review). Sometimes, I add a little dusting of it if I feel I’m going to be exposed to a more humid environment. It does help in keeping the oilies away for a few more hours. Continue reading

August 2014 Product Round-up

August 2014 Products

I can’t believe August has just ended more than a week ago. The -ber months are already here!

And to tell you the truth, I don’t have much beauty products to share with you that I haven’t shared before except for a few new items I added to my routine. I was mostly splurging on skincare if you must know. But really, once I find a good beauty product, I stick to it religiously… until a better alternative comes along. For the month of August, here are the few most notable products I had been reaching for almost everyday.

Snoe Beauty Hair Heroes Extreme Curl Defining Hair Creme. Between the two styling products I bought last month, I prefer this locally made styling cream to the other one. I like its scent and the non-sticky feeling of the cream but it’s certainly not without some flaws. I’m gathering my thoughts as I type this down so wait for my review. Continue reading

Velvet Lips Made Easy With The Lime Crime Velvetines

Lime Crime Velvetines2

Hello, hello! It’s such a nice day out, don’t you think? Despite the rainy season, today had been a beautiful sunny day. Sigh. Oh and I think I finally found a matte lipstick that I can tolerate.

It’s not an everyday occurrence that I’m going to rave about a matte lip color. My dry lips will take what they can and fortunately for them, that includes the Lime Crime Velvetines.

So for this post, I’m excited to share with you my thoughts and experience with the 2 Lime Crime Velvetine shades I got  just recently. Continue reading