Givenchy Le Rouge Couture Magnolia in Carmin Escarpin | Review

Givenchy Le Rouge Carmin Escarpin

I would’ve normally ignored the Givenchy Le Rouge Carmin Escarpin because of its orange tones. I’ve mentioned before how awkward orange shades look on my lips. Nevermind how they are supposed to look good on Asian skin, that rule has never applied to me.

But when Givenchy suddenly dresses it up in a limited edition magnolia, my ignorance just goes out the window. Continue reading


Swatch Day Sunday Vol.8: Givenchy Le Rouge in Rouge Acajou and Rouge Intense

Givenchy Le Rouge Vinyl Collection 2015

Hi again you guys.

This week’s Swatch Day Sunday will just feature two of my recent Givenchy Le Rouges. Just swatches of them side by side. Continue reading