My Skiplist No.1: Makeup I Won’t Be Buying

Skiplist No.1 2017

If you’ve been following my blog for some time now, you’d know I have these wishlists that more often than not never get totally fulfilled. Today though, I”ll be doing things a little differently. Maybe you’ve seen other bloggers do an ‘anti-haul’ list, well it’s quite similar to it except I’m labeling mine as a “Skiplist” to contradict my “Wishlist”. Continue reading

Violet Voss Laura Lee Palette | Review

Violet Voss Cosmetics Laura Lee Palette

The beauty community is full of enablers. This is the reason why I bought the most recent palette that Violet Voss Cosmetics came out with. Don’t get me wrong, it immediately landed on my wishlist the first time I saw it on instagram because I knew first hand how incredible their eyeshadows are. Continue reading