A Box Full of Kocostar Masks and Patches

Hello everyone! How have you all been doing? I’ve been more busy these days because I’ve started offering online dermatologic consultations aside from resuming my clinic at the hospital where I work. Setting that news aside, I recently got a box of Kocostar goodies from a giveaway they held last May.

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Bellflower Glutathione Power Brightening Cream | Review

There’s a lot of hype regarding brightening products these days. Kbeauty skincare seem to specially produce a lot of them, one after another from varying brands. The beauty brand Bellflower released a couple of moisturizers last year and of course, had a brightening cream. This was the cream they sent me to review and here are my thoughts about it. Continue reading

Klairs Daily Skin Softening Water | Review

I’ve been a fan of the Korean beauty Klairs since I first used their Supple Preparation Toner. Granted that one contained some essential oils but they remedied the issue and released a toner devoid of any essential oils. Actually, there aren’t many products I’ve tried from them but the ones I do have left a lasting impression on me. That said, here’s another product from them that I truly enjoyed. Continue reading

ENS Skin Jin Jung Sung Omega Vegan Serum | Review

ENS Skin is one of those kbeauty brands that seem too good to be true. I first encountered them on Instagram and was able to review their Sincerity Face & Eye Cream and from then on, I was eagerly waiting for their next new release. Recently, the brand developed a serum and again, I was given the chance to review it. Continue reading

Celefit Peach Beam Real Tone Up Cream | Review

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about korean beauty, it’s that they are huge fans of brightening and tone-up products. I think every Korean brand I’ve come across has their own version of a tone-up cream. So for today’s review, I’ll be sharing with you a tone-up cream I was recently sent to review. Continue reading