Jouer Best Of Nudes Mini Gift Set | Review

Jouer Best of Nudes Mini Gift Set

I am writing this review not for the set itself but for the formula of the Jouer liquid lipsticks. All of the reviews I’ve encountered online are positive. I’ve yet to read a negative review of this product. So when Jouer released a limited edition set with 8 shades, I just jumped at the chance.  Continue reading

More Holiday 2016 Beauty Wishlist

Holiday 2016 Wishlist part 2

More brands out there are coming out with sets and limited edition products for the holidays. What’s a beauty addict to do when there’s so little time (and so little cash on me too). What else but make another wishlist?

Natasha Denona Star Palette. I’ve always dreamed of owning one of Natasha Denona’s numerous eyeshadow palettes.

MAC Cosmetics Nutcracker Sweet Copper Face Compact. All I really want is Whisper of Guilt. That’s why I ordered this thru someone. That and I don’t think I have the Extra Dimension Blush in Pleasure Model yet.  Continue reading

Tarte Blings Up The Holidays With The Bling It On Amazonian Clay Blush Palette | Review

Tarte Bling It On Amazonian Clay Blush Palette2

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes are something else. I go wild everytime I hear some news that Tarte will release new shades. Who wouldn’t? The pigments, the colors. Sigh. In my eyes, they’re one of a kind. But then I go even wilder when they release a new palette.

I grabbed last year’s blush palette as soon as it was made available and this year as well. Well, I had a friend grab it for me. Continue reading

NARS Almeria Blush | Review

Nars Almeria blush4

This week has been one hell of an adrenaline rush after the holiday break. Especially as the Dermatology Department of my hospital just opened a satellite clinic in Sta. Ana, Manila. From transporting clinic materials, equipment and furniture (heavy grunt work, indeed — my arms are quite sore) to coordinating with the directors and administrators of the 2 hospitals, the tasks fell on me first.

Now it’s time for a little break. For my first product review of the year, kiddos I bring you the newest blush from the Nars holiday collection. Continue reading