Happy Skin Express Gel Polish | Review

Happy Skin Express Gel Polish

I’m so happy that my favorite local brand, Happy Skin is branching out to include nail polishes. As soon as I saw they were on display at the Power Plant Mall, I quickly bought three of my top picks! Continue reading


Happy Skin Cosmetics Matte Of Your Dreams Oil Control Mattifying Powder | Review

Happy Skin Matte Of Your Dreams Oil Control Mattifying Powder

As a general rule for anyone with oily skin, a setting powder is a must if you want your makeup to survive more than 2 hours everyday. Even better, a mattifying powder is going to be an immense help. That’s why Happy Skin has proudly come up with their very own Mattifying Powder to aid us. Continue reading

Happy Skin Cosmetics Matte About You Pore & Shine Control Primer | Review

Happy Skin Matte About You Pore & Shine Control Primer

Summer in the Philppines can be torture for anyone who has an oily skin. It’s an annual battle I deal with as far as I can remember. Primers help a whole lot but whenever I see silicones as one of the active ingredients, I think twice before using it or most of time I just back off because I am sensitive to them. It’s the reason why I don’t use oil-controlling primers or any kind of mattifying product because I know that silicones play a huge role. So I took my time in using the newest primer from Happy Skin. Continue reading to know more. Continue reading

Product Favorites for 2017

2017 Product Favorites

Happy first of May guys!

It has come to my attention that since the beginning of 2017, I have never posted about the products that have become my favorites. Wow, beauty blogger fail. This is going to remedy that guys. Continue reading to find out which ones made the cut. Continue reading

Happy Skin x Disney Beauty and The Beast Moisturizing Matte Lip Kit in Rose | Review

Happy Skin x Beauty and The Beast Moisturizing Matte Lip Kit Rose3

Beauty and The Beast is one of the timeless tales I grew up to. I was so excited to see the movie the moment I found out it was going to be remade and I was one of those who saw it on its first day of screening here in the Philippines. Among the Disney princesses, she is one of my favorites aside from Mulan (who I hear is also getting a live-action film of its own). So you can guess my excitement when Happy Skin is getting in on all the buzz too. Continue reading