Givenchy Le Rouge Couture Magnolia in Carmin Escarpin | Review

Givenchy Le Rouge Carmin Escarpin

I would’ve normally ignored the Givenchy Le Rouge Carmin Escarpin because of its orange tones. I’ve mentioned before how awkward orange shades look on my lips. Nevermind how they are supposed to look good on Asian skin, that rule has never applied to me.

But when Givenchy suddenly dresses it up in a limited edition magnolia, my ignorance just goes out the window. Continue reading

Givenchy Poudre Lumière Originelle | Review

Givenchy Poudre Lumiere Originelle

I wasn’t going to post this review but I’ve got way too many unfinished drafts sitting in my folder so I’ll get this done seeing as it’s still available in Sephora.

You all have read reviews of the Givenchy Poudre Lumière Originelle awhile back and this is just me putting my two cents in, only a few months too late. Heh. Continue reading

The Everyday Look: Natural And Glowing

Natural glowing look products

The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.
— Calvin Klein

A few weeks ago, I was browsing for new products when I came across Glossier. They’ve got this philosophy about taking care of the skin first so one can use makeup that will enhance beauty. They also create their beauty products based on the feedback they receive. Their philosophy inspired me to do come up with some beauty items I use to create an everyday, natural look. Since I always do beauty review, I thought it’d be a nice change to share this.  As I got to brainstorm  ideas, I actually had trouble coming up with products to be included until I finalized it to a few.  Continue reading