Cremorlab UV Protection The Mineral Shield | Review

Are you all applying your sunscreen dutifully while staying at home? You should because UVA radiation can still penetrate ordinary window glass and cause premature aging even when you don’t see sunlight streaming in. And just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you can skip the most important part of your morning skincare routine. That’s what today’s review is, a new sunscreen I’ve tried since I got it a month ago. Continue reading

Illiyoon Fresh Moisture Lip and Eye Remover | Review

As a makeup lover, I love a long-wearing lip formula and waterproof eye makeup but sometimes they’re just a pain to remove. I always need a makeup remover on hand to take them off easily and that’s why I was so eager to get my hands on this product from Illiyoon. Continue reading

Self Beauty Glam Up Highlighter in Milkyway | Review

If you’ve been with me at the start of my blog, you would know just how much I love highlighters! Nothing makes me more happy, makeup-wise, than discovering a new highlighter from a brand I haven’t heard of and seeing it perform just as well as the famous ones. Well, that’s what’s happening for today. I discovered a highlighter from Korea. Continue reading

Illiyoon Probiotics Skin Barrier Essence Drop | Review

My first review of the year is here! Now I’ve always wondered about the brand Illiyoon because they are under the umbrella of Amore Pacific, which houses other luxury Korean brands like Sulwhasoo and Iope, and other well-known brands like Innisfree and Etude House. Thru Charis Celeb, I get to try one of their products.
Continue reading

Peach C Peach Cotton Blusher in Peony P Cheek | Review

Happy holidays guys! How did you celebrate?

Anyway, it’s not often I get sent makeup to review because most of the time I buy them myself. But when I do, I get a different kind of excitement. After all, it was makeup that pulled me into the world of beauty blogging. So when I received a blush from Peach C thru Charis Celeb, I took my time in using it, paring it with different cheek products. Now let me get to my review. Continue reading