Sevendrops Soapwort Purifying Facial Foam | Review

I usually stay away from facial foams due to the idea that they usually hold a very basic pH. Unless it says otherwise on the packaging, I’m wary about trying something that might the acid mantle of my face. However, I’ve read quite a few positive reviews about the products of Sevendrops so when Charis Celeb sent me their facial foam, I got myself ready. Continue reading

Glowberry Moist Vitafresh Essence Toner | Review

Hi you guys! I just discovered a new toner that my skin is loving lately. I’m actually more surprised that it’s not being talked about by the skincare community. It’s from a korean brand called Glowberry and I have to admit, before getting this item, I have never heard of them either but I’m glad I was able to test this out thru Charis Celeb. Continue reading

Madeca21 Tecasol Anti-Dust Cleanser | Review

I find anti-pollution skincare to be quite interesting. When you really think about it, we need these types of skincare. I mean, residing in the Philippines, one is constantly exposed to dirt, humidity and all kinds of pollution. If a skincare product is going to promise to clear all the dust accumulated in the skin at the end of the day, then I’m willing to give it a go which is why I’m excited to try out this anti-dust cleanser from Madeca21. Continue reading

Nakeup Face One Night Cushion | Review

I’m quite picky when it comes to korean cushions. I think it’s because of the dewy finishes they usually have. I mean, come on, as someone who has an oily skin, having a dewy look is not something I dream of. Anyway, among the korean cushion foundations, Nakeup Face is one I would like to try at least once. Thru Charis Celeb, I was finally able to do that. Continue reading

Da Mior Bamboo Face Mist | Review

My love for face mists will never end. I’ve started to enjoy them late last year and I am utterly hooked on them and I made it my mission to find the best of the best. I still haven’t found my holy grail but I’m very happy on this journey discovering new brands because of it. Just like this face mist from Da Mior. Continue reading