Ellana Cosmetics x Project Vanity Life-proof Eyebrow Pencil | Review

Summer is already here. Well, in the Philippines at least, and as a makeup lover, I prefer my makeup to be sweat-proof and humidity-proof.

These brow pencils were sent to me weeks ago and I was supposed to post about them earlier but the sudden community quarantine due to the pandemic put me in a different state of mind that I couldn’t focus on writing about these. I took some time off of social media and now that I find myself feeling a bit better mentally, I can finally share with you my thoughts. Continue reading

Heimish Dailism Smudge Stop Mascara | Review

I recently got a few Heimish products from Stylekorean to review. I’m reviewing them in two posts because majority of what I was sent is skincare — all of those will be in one post. Today’s review though is the only makeup product included in the package, the Dailism Smudge Stop Mascara. Continue reading to know my thoughts about it. Continue reading

OMY LADY Hair Growth Spray | Review

Late last year, OMY LADY reached out to me and offered to send me a few of their products in exchange for my reviews. Of course I said yes. They sent me five products to try. So for the next few reviews, you’ll be seeing a few of them and I’ll be sharing with you my honest thoughts. Let me start with their Hair Growth Spray. Continue reading

In Her Element Rosewater Hydrating Moisture Mist | Review

For as long as I can remember, I find the rose scent too strong for senses. At times it can give me a headache but so I tend to avoid them at all cost — the flowers, in perfumes and more recently in skincare. I thought I’ve sworn off of them until I got to try some of the products of local brand, In Her Element. Continue reading

So Natural pH 5.5 Red Water Tonic | Review

About two weeks ago, I started testing out a new pH-balancing toner. Now, I’m quite picky when it comes to toners. As someone with an oily but dehydrated skin type, I need something with a thin consistency but at the same time, one that’s very hydrating. To date, there are only a few toners that have met my standards and I’m hoping this new one will too. Continue reading