Purito Comfy Water Sun Block SPF50+ PA++++ | Review

Photoprotection is one of the most important skincare steps, if not the MOST IMPORTANT of them all. I started using them about 10 years ago and before discovering asian sunscreens, I began with a product that was meant for the body (because the formula claimed to be nonsticky). Cut to the present and here I am amazed at all the current formulas being developed and released. Well, I’m currently loving this sunblock from Purito and let me tell you my experience with it.


Purito Comfy Water Sun Block

A daily non-nano sunblock that feels soft on your skin and adheres comfortably
A solution for both my sensitive skin and my precious child!
The physical sunscreen can be used on all types of skin, from sensitive adult skin to that of a baby.
It does not get absorbed into your skin, and safely reflects both UVA and UVB rays.

A physical sunscreen that adheres comfortably to your skin and feels like a light lotion
If you hesitate to use a physical sunscreen because of the stuffiness and stickiness of ordinary sun care solutions, then try using PURITO Comfy Water Sunblock. It will make your day light and comfortable without a hint of stuffiness.

A wearable daily sun care cream that feels soft without the stiffness
It is a physical sunscreen for daily use that is filled with 70% of water and covers your skin with a moist and clear layer, and the cream applies very uniformly and smoothly on the skin.

The Comfy Water Sun Block comes in white plastic squeeze tube with 60 ml of product in it. I’m not going to discuss the scent anymore because I know that Purito has already renewed this sunblock to make it unscented and essential oil-free. What I’m using and showing on the photos is the first one they released so it has a scent.

This is a mineral sunscreen and its active ingredients are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. It also has some of my favorite ingredients like niacinamide, and actives from the plant centella asiatica like madecassoside, asiaticoside, madecassic acid and asiatic acid.

It has a light texture and doesn’t feel very heavy at all. Initially, it leaves some tackiness behind on application with a teeny, tiny bit of white cast on the skin but both do not last long. As soon as the sunblock settles in nicely with a satin finish, the white cast will  have disappeared already. As you can see from the photo below, the dewiness my skin displayed from my moisturizer somehow transformed into a satin-y glow after this was applied.

Purito Comfy Water Sunblock before and after Aside from the minimal white cast, the best part about this sunblock is how it can control the oiliness of my skin. And I’ve got another photo to show you the proof. Below is another before-and-after take on me with using this sunblock. I didn’t apply any powder or oily-controlling product when I took the one on the right, which was after 8 hours of wearing this. I’m usually very dewy by the end of the day but with this on, my face still looks fresh and even seems to have that satin-y feel after hours of wear.

Purito Comfy Water Sun Block after 8 hrs

I’m really glad Purito made this product because I’ve never had anything like it so I’m definitely giving this my TWO THUMBS UP. I’m not sure though whether this can suit all skin types. This is more suitable for oily to combination skins in my opinion. Don’t worry because Purito has several other sunscreens in their range.

I ordered this from YesStyle when Purito had a brand sale there and this was part of a haul I made last June. If you’re eyeing this or any of Purito’s products there, then I recommend to wait for the next time they’ll go on sale.

For more information on this mineral sunblock, you visit Purito’s website.


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