BLK Birthday Sparkle Gloss in Confetti | Review

For local brand BLK Cosmetic‘s 2nd anniversary, they released a limited edition lip gloss in a very beautiful rose gold shade. As soon as I heard of its availability in stores, I immediately went over to their store in Alabang after my clinic hours and happily wore it the next day. So thrilled to share with you guys my review of it.


Meet the frosting on BLK’s birthday cake. This luxurious, non-sticky gloss drenches your lips with showstopping color and shine — like liquid diamonds mixed with the daintiest blush shade — for an effect that’s both delicate and exquisite. The ultra hydrating formula pampers your puckers too, so they stay soft and kissable. Use on bare lips for a shimmery statement or trickle all over your favorite lipstick.

This Birthday Sparkle Gloss comes in a see through plastic tube with a clear cap containing 4.7 g of product. Its smell reminds me of very much of cherries but it’s not too strong in my opinion. It also reminds me of the cherries from the Baby All Gone doll from the 90’s. One of the most interesting things about this lip gloss is its flexible wand which makes application quite easy as it follows the contours and crevices of the lips very well.

Below is a photo of the list of ingredients for anyone curious enough to ask.

I really love wearing this gloss because of its formula. In general, I usually avoid lip glosses due to their tendency to catch hairs that fly in front of my face because of their stickiness. This one however, does not have the typical sticky gloss texture and consistency that I can actually enjoy wearing it without getting a mouthful of hairs too. At the same time, it is so hydrating and comfortable to wear on the lips.

BLK Birthday Sparkle Gloss

Birthday Sparkle Gloss on bare lips

My favorite way to wear this is how I used to wear any lip product back in the 90’s: over a lip pencil-filled lip. I’ve also worn this over on a lipstick but I’m kind of attached with filling my lips with a nude lip liner then topping it with a gloss. For example, MAC Whirl looks more of a greyish brown on me but when I add this Confetti gloss over, it adds the right amount of warmth to it.

BLK Birthday Sparkle Gloss + MAC Whirl

MAC Whirl + Birthday Sparkle Gloss

You know what BLK should do next? They’ve got a winning formula here, hands down and it only retails for Php 379. This definitely deserves my TWO THUMBS UP. Now what else can a makeup addict ask for? Well aside from making this lip gloss permanent and adding more shades, I can’t think of anything else.

It’s a limited edition so I suggest you get it quickly if you’re eyeing it right now. You can purchase this on their website here, in Lazada or in their physical stores nationwide.


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