Accoje Hydrating Aqua Gel Cream | Review

Hello all! Today I’m reviewing a gel cream product from Accoje. It seems promising for my skin type which is oily and dehydrated. I was quite eager to dive into this the moment I unboxed it so without further ado, let me share this with you.



  • FOOD FOR YOUR FACE – Black Radish has been used for a medicinal purposes for a long time. Rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals help brighten and moisturize skin for a refreshing feel. The gel formula provides rapid restoration and hydration, leaving skin soft and supple.
  • NATURAL FEELING TEXTURE – Avoid the oily textures of other creams by using this special gel formula with its water base. Water based lotions excel with lightweight texture and easy absorbtion while leaving no film or residue.
  • IMPROVE YOUR ROUTINE – Use this gel cream to put the finishing touches on any daily skin care regimen while maintaining a healthy pH balance. Use a moderate amount and gently blend into your skin to improve moisture levels and texture.
  • PERFECT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN – Make irritating skin solutions a thing of the past. Even if you have oily or dry skin, the light gel cream helps soothe skin by spreading a calm and cool sensation to applied areas. It also absorbs quickly so skin can breathe and not deal with persisiting irritants.
  • COMPLEX JEJU ACCOJE BLEND – Aloe vera, cactus, portulaca oleracea, and ecklonia cava come together to make a unique bouquet of ingredients that can only be attained from the pristine environment of Jeju Island for the best of skincare.

This Hydrating Aqua Gel Cream has the cutest packaging I’ve ever seen this year. design and structure of the cap certainly caught my attention. It is housed in a plastic jar containing 50 ml of product. The gel cream has a fresh and minty scent to it that reminds me of the Wrigley’s Doublemint gum. Texture-wise, it has a slippery feel to it that’s very indicative of its silicone content.

Right off the bat, I’m going to tell you that I have mixed feelings about this product.  First of all, dimethicone is among the top ingredients and I’m always wary of anything with dimethicone in it, more so when it’s an active ingredient. Scientific evidence may negate any direct causality of silicones to acne pathology but I can’t help but think there is an association between the two. I still haven’t figured out what is happening whenever I apply something with dimethicone in it. This gel-cream for example, during the time I was trying this out, I keep getting breakouts on my cheeks which usually happens whenever my skin is reacting with an ingredient in any product.

Anyway, in terms of how it wears, it is easily absorbed by the skin. There’s no tacky or greasy residue on application. It leaves a silky feeling with a bit of a dewy and healthy glow. It provided the right amount of hydration for my dehydrated skin and I also think it makes my face less oily throughout the day. However, I can’t fully put the praise on this gel cream and say this did all the job of making me less shiny because I think it’s more about the combination of products I’m applying.

Accoje Hydrating Gel before and after

To end this review, I can recommend this to oily, combination and normal skins types. For dry skin, I’m not quite sure although the brand claims this is suitable for all skin types. And to those who are sensitive to silicones, particularly to dimethicones, you may want to steer clear of this or at least try a sample first. For those who want to try, you can get this at my Charis store now.

[*Charis Celeb & Accoje has kindly provided the product for review. All opinions are my own.]


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