My 3CE Haul From StyleKorean

I recently took advantage of the 3CE sale in StyleKorean last month where everything was at 50% off. I had a lot in my wishlist and I actually feel relieved now that I think about it because most were already sold out by the time I had checked out my cart.

Continue reading to know which products and shades I got.

All in all I checked out 4 items:

  • I wanted the Full of Charm 3CE Face Blush but it was sold out during that time so I got Peach Splash instead. I was actually torn between that or Soft Salmon.
  • Most of the Velvet Lip Tints I wanted were sold out too so I only got Absorbed. This actually was a blessing in disguise since I have never tried out the formula before. Hopefully, I find it well enough for my dry lips so I can get more on the next sale.
  • Lastly, I added two Take a Layer Multi Pots to my cart in the shades Morning Skinny and Scarlett Red because I’m kind of obsessed about the formula. I now have 3 in my collection (see photo below) and my first was Cabbage Rose, which I reviewed a few weeks ago. Click on the link to read my review of it so you’ll know why I love it so much.

Who is obsessed with 3CE? Have you tried any of the items I got? There’s still an ongoing sale in Stylekorean for 3CE so you better get going because items are selling out fast! Or you can check out the rest of their items on sale. They’re currently in the process of expanding their warehouses, so they’re having a thank-you-sale at the moment.

Will you be getting anything from them?


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