First Grand Meet-Up of the AB Community PH: A Community For All

About a week ago, Sunday, July 7, 2019, the first ever AB Community PH meet-up was held at a korean barbecue restaurant in Makati. There were games, lots of interactions, giveaways, hauls, and yes, I was able to meet some of my fellow skincare addicts who before the event, I’ve only chatted with online. Here’s what happened on that day. Beware though, lots of photos and links are up ahead.

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My sister asked me the day before the event what does AB stand for? Well, AB means Asian Beauty and what we are is a group of people who is into asian skincare and makeup. During the event, some of the sponsors had the opportunity to talk about their brands, from their early beginnings up to what else we can expect from them in the future. I wasn’t able to take photos of them during the event but I’ll mention them below.

I want to show my appreciation and gratitude to all the sponsors that supported us. Some of the photos below were captured by my phone camera only.

Apotheke Science Philippines

Mr. Carlos Ycasiano, co-founder of the brand, talked about how they started and their mission and vision. To be really honest, I’ve been wanting to try their products for a long time now and the event gave me the perfect opportunity because they gave us discounts. How can I resist? So I bought everything I wanted from them.

Here are the links to their Facebook, Instagram and Shopee.


Connectier Marketing PH

Connectier PH made a lot of korean beauty brands available here in the Philippines like Banobagi, Dr. & Co Global, Medius, SAAT Insight Global, and a whole lot more. It was also because of their CEO, Mr. Ericson Kang who allowed the event to be held in his restaurant, Kozi Kozi Premium Korean BBQ & Cafe. He discussed the brands they carry which had me mentally drifting off at the prospect of shopping at their booth.

Check out the items they gave us:

Dr. & Co Global

Recellme Global

SAAT Insight Global

They now have a shopee store for you to shop your hearts out!


RR Korean Shop

Ms. Renee Lee, the owner of RR Korean Shop, told us how her online business began and how it gradually grew to what it is today. She showed us the warehouse where she stores all the products she sells. I actually want to go on a trip there some day just so I can have a few items crossed out of my wishlist.

She was also kind enough to give us full-sized products from Derma Natufian.

You can shop thru their shopee account here.



People from the brand actually flew to the Philippines all the way from Korea just so they can be at our event. I am still in awe of that fact. Mr. Jun Kim, the brand director, was able to share with us a bit about them too. Before this event, I didn’t know anything about them.

Here are their Instagram and Facebook accounts. Also here’s Another Bright, one of the brands they carry.



Axis-Y is a fairly new brand in the kbeauty community. Their goal is to produce skincare that will protect the skin against the harmful effects of the environment. I seriously want to try all of their products and I hear they are in the process of releasing a new serum. Wonder what it could be?



I was so excited when I learned that Commleaf was one of the sponsors of the event and I keep hoping I’ll be able to try some of their products that I really want. Well, wish granted because they gave us this Rose Sleeping Mask!


Glowgetter MNL

Glowgetter MNL kindly gave away items from Reasonabeauty and Armiin PH for us to enjoy after the event. I’m quite envious of the people that went home with a bottle of Armiin’s propolis ampoule.

You can follow them thru their Instagram and Shopee accounts.


Herbs & Hyssop

Herbs & Hyssop was one of the first local skincare brands that I found myself looking forward to trying. They provided us with a travel-friendly toning mist and their new product, a Niacinamide Serum which is actually not yet available in their shopee store.



Another brand I was excited for was Jumiso. However, I wasn’t so lucky enough to find their All Day Vitamin Brightening & Balancing serum in my loot bag. Nevertheless, I am grateful that some us were able to take this home.


Photo above shows a few other goodies we got as freebies. Eiskin gave us the chance to try the Infracyte Luscious Lips lip gloss; Keep Cool gave us samples of their Soothe Toner and Serum (which I’ve reviewed here), and masks were provided by Medius via Connectier PH & Sexylook PH.

The other sponsors include Purito for sending a lot of samples our way, Glamourbox PH who graciously provided giveaway products from Pixi Beauty & Yadah, Ofloe Global for providing some of the attendees with their nail polishes.


Now, it was fully my intention to look around the booths there and buy certain items. However, I wasn’t able accomplish this because by the time I was free, the brands were packing up. In the end, I was only able to buy a few.

Masks I was able to buy: Hayejin Global, Recell Me & Tammy’s from Connectier Marketing PH

I bought from Apotheke their Pure Castille Facial Wash, Firming toner and Niacinamide Serum. The Detoxifying Face Mask was a freebie during the event.

If there was one thing I wanted to buy during that time, it was the 3CE Take A Layer Multi Pot in Cabbage Rose.


Sheet masks and a lip tint from @wanderingsoftrish

We also had an exchange of sheet masks somewhere down the schedule. The premise was you need to prepare at least 5 sheet masks worth Php 250 in total, wrapped and ready to be exchanged with fellow attendees. I didn’t took a photo of the masks I gave away but I remember there were more than 5 masks in there, along with a few samples and a deluxe Laneige lip mask.



Photo from Luna

The end of the program had me talking about skincare basics — the mistakes, misconceptions and issues about certain topics, as a board-certified dermatologist of course. Since my lecture has been received warmly, I was thinking of discussing those here and on my IG.

What else about the skin or skincare would you want to know from a dermatologist? Sound your questions down below so I can include them in my skincare series.


From left to right: Momo, Xeng, Lee, Chi, Luna, Chami, Nat (bottom), Raffy & Tesh

Last but not the least, meet the organizers behind the event. The nine people above are the ones who put so much effort and guts to make this meet-up an overall success and a dream come true for the #ABcommunityPH. Even if this was probably the first time they organized something like this, I can’t help but be thankful for each and every one of them for doing this.

Lovely ladies, Tesh & Chami at the registration table

Overall, it was a wonderful experience and as of this writing, I am looking forward to the next one. I can’t wait for what else is in store for the AB community here in the Philippines!


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14 thoughts on “First Grand Meet-Up of the AB Community PH: A Community For All

  1. Thank you so much Nikki for this blog! We really appreciate it so much! Can’t wait to see you again. And don’t worry I will give you my Armiin’s propolis ampoule the next time we meet. Muuuaaahhh!


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