BORNTREE Like:Cloud Bubble Nose Pack | Review

My pores and oily skin have always been a major skincare concern of mine. I’m well aware that it’s genetic and I can’t do anything about it except try to minimize my pores and oiliness. Sometimes I find something that helps and sometimes I end up getting disappointed. For today’s review, I’ll be showing you a nose pack from BORNTREE that aims to take care of sebum and blackheads. Read on to know how it fared for me.


Borntree Like Cloud Bubble Nose Pack2

BORNTREE LIKE CLOUD BUBBLE NOSE PACK is not a nose pack that use physical force to peel off but a new concept nose pack that helps to care blackhead and sebum gently.

In one box, there are 7 Like:CLoud Bubble Nose Packs inside. Each pack contains a single sheet made up of cotton for the nose with a citrus scent. It starts to foam up as soon as it’s pulled out and has continued to do so until I have taken it off and rinsed my face of the bubbles.

From the BORNTREE website, it says that it contains AHAs derived from apples, lemons and oranges. It also has CM 10 complex, a ten botanical complex component made up of different plant extracts.

I find it mild enough for my skin that I can use one everyday without any untoward reactions like stinging, redness or skin peeling. There was a mild fizzing sensation instead while it was on my nose. After I took it off, I washed off the remaining foamy bubbles. To be honest, these didn’t do much for my pores but they did made my skin on my nose softer and smoother.

I just have to say this nose pack would have been loads better if the main ingredient is a BHA rather than an AHA. AHA’s work well as a form of chemical exfoliation but if you really want a product to target sebum and pores, then BHA’s are more effective since they’re fat-soluble and penetrate deeper into the skin. I would recommend this nose pack though on someone with normal and dry skin types and not oily skin.

If you’re interested in this product, this is now available in my Charis Store. Have you had any skincare item that works best for your pores? Let me know down below!

[*Charis & BORNTREE has kindly provided the product for review. All opinions are my own.]


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