Secret Nature Flower Button Lips | Review

Makeup was my first love when it comes to beauty blogging. And when I get new makeup sent to me nowadays to try and review, I always feel excited because I am on a self-imposed no-buy for makeup for an indefinite time. Anyway, I had the opportunity to test some lipsticks from a korean brand, Secret Nature and here are my thoughts.


Secret Nature Flower Button Lips1

“The secret of natural vitality has been founded.”

We got to know that beauty derives from the diversity of colorful nature. ‘Flower Button Lips’ of Secret Nature will offer you the miracle of one petal like the petal making a miracle vitality.

These Flower Button Lips come in a clicker-pen type of packaging except they don’t have the ability to retract after you’re done using them. You have to click them so that the lipstick bullet will surface up and it actually takes quite a few clicks to have them high enough for application.  The shape of their tips are like flower petals in that there’s a slightly pointed apex part and a rounder base.

These are the shades: RD01 Dicentra Petal, a true red, RD02 Pansy Petal, a warm-toned apple red, PK01 Peony Petal, a medium pink, CR01 Water Lily Petal, a pinkish coral, and OR01 Smile Rosebay Petal, a warm orange. All of them don’t look too bold on the lips and can be perfectly worn anytime and anywhere.

The shapes of the tips of the lipsticks make it so much easier to apply these. The pointed tip is nice for outlining the lips first before the rounder part can be used to fill in the color. In general, these are quite sheer but they can be built up in opacity. The reds and pink are actually more pigmented in terms of how many swipes it takes to make them more opaque. They slide on the lips easily, have a creamy texture, and a lightly hydrating formula. They only last for a few hours and all of them leave an even stain behind so even if I can’t reapply the color soon enough, my lips still have a bit of tint to them.

I really like these lipsticks despite not being long-wearing enough probably because before this review, I’ve never had a lipsticks with a uniquely shaped tip. Also, the hydrating formula is another point to love. Dry and dehydrated lips like mine will surely enjoy the creamy and hydrating formula of these lip products.

These are available now on my Charis store if you want to give them a go.

[*Charis & Secret Nature has kindly provided the product for review. All opinions are my own.]


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