Bellflower Cosmetics Hibiscus Anti-aging & Idebenone Brightening Serums | Review

A few months ago, I received 2 new serums to try out from Bellflower Cosmetics. They are a new Korean skincare brand who at the moment, has started out with only serums, which I think is a really good move on their part. Serums are a good way to target specific skincare issues and that’s the goal they want to achieve. Now let’s get onto those serums.



  • Hibiscus sabdariffa flower extract 15,000ppm
  • Niacinamide, Adenosine
  • Healthy and Elastic Skin by Adenosine, Hisbiscus flower extract, 7 type complex peptide, collagen
  • Moisturized and Smoothed skin by Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Acorus calamus root extract

The Hibiscus Anti-aging Serum has a reddish-pink color to it and doesn’t have any scent. It is a lightly viscous serum that leaves a bit of tackiness on the skin when applied but will eventually disappear as the serum gets fully absorbed. It makes my skin look and feel hydrated and smooth.

It contains hibiscus sabdariffa flower extract which on my research has a lot of benefits and among those, is an antioxidant activity. It supposedly contains alpha-hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate the skin and has the ability to inhibit the skin’s elastase enzyme to prevent breakdown of the skin’s elastin.


  • Hydroxydecyl Ubiquinone (Idebenone) 600ppm
  • Niacinamide, Adenosine
  • Brightening and Elastic Skin by Hydroxydecyl Ubiquinone (Idebenone), Niacinamide, Adenosine, Vitamin C
  • Moisturized and Smoothed skin by Propolis Extract, Flower Complex Extract

To be honest, I don’t much about Idebenone when I got this product but I was certainly curious about it. The Idebenone Brightening Serum has a yellow color and has a stickier consistency compared to the other serum. It also leaves a sticky feeling to the skin unlike the other. However, it doesn’t have any scent to it and doesn’t sting on application.

Idebenone, its star ingredient, is a synthetic antioxidant that’s similar to coenzyme Q. It’s reported to prevent wrinkles by protecting cells from environmental damage and free radicals. Its brightening ability I will assume comes from its vitamin C and niacinamide content..

I’ve used both serums for more than a month for this review and I’m still using them at the present but I still don’t see any significant effects it has on me other than hydration. Don’t get me wrong; I truly love how they both feel so hydrating to the skin but I was expecting at least a brightening effect from the Idebenone serum. I am well aware that an anti-aging product might take a longer time to manifest visible results. That said, I will continue using these two.

Bellflower Cosmetics Serums before and after

There are 3 other serums in their range I want to try. Hopefully I can some day. I can’t wait what else they have in store for the kbeauty community. I hope they will come out with other interesting products soon as I will surely keep a close eye on them.

Have you heard of this new Korean brand? What serum would you like to try from them?

[*Bellflower Cosmetics has kindly provided the product for review. All opinions are my own.]


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