MEDIKOii Bio-Calming Relief Toner | Review

I have a thing for watery toners and centella asiatica. If you’ve been following me on my social media accounts, especially on my Instagram, you’d know that. One of the toners I had on my skincare wishlist was from Medikoii which looks really promising. Lo and behold, I was given an opportunity to review it thru Charis Celeb.


Essential toner of calming and regenerating function with 3-BIO ACTIVE ingredient turning your skin into clear and transparent moisture glossy skin

The Bio-Calming Relief Toner comes in a glass bottle with 130 ml of clear toner. It has an herbal, citrus-y scent which I can attribute to the presence of an essential oil, the bergamot oil. I am generally not bothered by its scent but I would have preferred it be without any. The ingredients are actually printed on the label of the bottle and not just on the box.

The main ingredient is Thera-NOX which is an antioxidant developed based on BIO-MARKER research technology. It supposedly, “blocks aging signs from the root to prevent anti-aging and skin stress.” Basically, it suppresses the activity of the oxidase NOX2 which induces aging. Other ingredients included are centella asiatica leaf water, 6 peptides, Inflax complex, stem cells and panthenol. It also has niacinamide, resveratrol, ferulic acid and sodium hyaluronate.

I like how watery its consistency is and how I can apply multiple layers of it without feeling sticky or greasy. There’s not even a hint of tackiness on application. It sinks immediately into the skin and leaves a soft dewy glow. My skin feels and looks so hydrated and soft after patting it on. To show you all the effect it has on my skin, the photo below shows only one layer of this toner so you can see how it quickly hydrated my face.

Medikoii Bio Calming Relief Toner before and after

If you’re not sensitive to essential oils and you’re dealing with dry and dehydrated skin, then this might be a good toner for you. Oily skin types will enjoy this as well for its thin and watery consistency. But if you’re suffering from even a slight skin sensitivity, I don’t recommend this. There are other options out there. For those who want to try this out, you may get this toner now thru my Charis store.

Are you interested in trying this toner?

[*Charis Celeb & MEDIKOii has kindly provided the product for review. All opinions are my own.]


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