Steambase Daily Eye Mask | Review

Before receiving this product I’m reviewing today, I have never tried any steam eye masks. I wasn’t curious enough to really read up on it so the opportunity that Charis Celeb gave me with the Steambase Daily Eye Mask was an interesting experience. Continue reading to know more.


Steambase Daily Eye Mask2

A special gift for your tired eyes, strained from your busy everyday life.

There are six variants of these Daily Eye Masks: Silent Night Air with the fragrance of the calm nighttime air, Grapefruit Tree with soft grapefruit fragrance, Rose Garden with a soft rose fragrance delivered by a spring breeze, Camomile Crown with a sweet chamomile fragrance placed on the king’s crown, Lavender Blue Water with the fragrance of fresh lavender flowers and a quiet lake, and an Unscented type, which also carries an aromatherapeutic scent despite being named otherwise.

As soon as you unfold these masks from the packet, steam is immediately generated and the mask visibly inflates up. Hook them up on your ears with the white side of the mask facing the eye area and close your eyes for 20 minutes. The eye mask adheres pretty well on the face and I find the warmth very soothing on the eyes. The heat starts to dissipate by the 10-minute mark but don’t worry because there’s still enough warmth to last through the remaining 10 minutes.

I didn’t notice any difference to my eyes after using them but I felt so refreshed after. Combined with the steam and the aromatherapy, I found myself usually dozing off after a couple of minutes with this.

Steambase Daily Eye Mask

I’m keeping a few of these so I can bring them with me the next time I travel on a plane. These are also suitable for when you’ve spent a long time in front of a computer/laptop/cellphone, after a long tiring day, before going to bed or when you just want to be on a short break. You can get these now on my Charis Store.

Have you tried any steam eye masks before? Let me know down below.

[*Charis Celeb & Steambase has kindly provided the product for review. All opinions are my own.]


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2 thoughts on “Steambase Daily Eye Mask | Review

  1. The only steam eye mask that I have tried is from the Japanese brand MegRhythm. You’re right, the steam + the aromatherapy from the eye mask made me fall asleep too 🙂


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