Rraw Moon Crystal Bars | Review

One of the local brands I’ve been so curious about since I started getting into local skincare is Rraw PH. They offer a variety of products aside from skincare including body oils, scrubs, lipcare, hair care and some environment-friendly items too like reusable straws. Today, I’ll be reviewing their Moon Crystal Bar.

Moon Crystal is a glycerin based evening bar that works as a facial cleanser. After a long day exposed to dirt, dust and all kinds of toxins from pollution, Night Crystal will attract all the impurities from your pores and flush it all out. Gentle on the face and excellent in attracting excess oils. Topped with rose buds and chamomile for an extra vitamin boost while you slumber.

Excellent for babes living in the city and dealing with toxic build up in their pores or for out beach babes to help with the oil extraction after a long day in the sun.

Best if paired with our Sun Crystal Bar.

Fresh. Natural. Sensitive Skin. Facial Cleanser.

Scent varies as we like to surprise you sometimes!

Moon Crystal Bar is one of the many bar soaps that Rraw has in their online shop. It’s indicated for night time use as a means to cleanse your face after a long day when your skin has accumulated tons of dirt, pollution and oil. I love how the bars they sent me smells, kind of like a mix of bubblegum with a hint of cinnamon. I literally cannot stop smelling them. In fact, everytime I see them, I take a sniff and I feel a bit relaxed. I can’t say that every bar will smell like this because they have mentioned in their website that the scents vary.

The ingredients in these soaps are very minimal and organic. They only contain 4 ingredients: coconut charcoal rose buds, chamomile flowers, and glycerin.

These bars foam easily and I definitely feel that my face has been cleansed after I have rinsed it off. Although, they do leave a “squeaky-clean” sensation on the skin with a bit of tight feeling afterwards. This makes me assume that this bar soap might have a basic pH. Aside from being oily, I have a dehydrated skin type and I prefer cleansers with a low pH that won’t strip the skin of its natural moisture.

That said, I can recommend this bar soap to those who has a really oily skin at best because of the presence of charcoal in it but I advise against using it every day as there is the possibility that it might dry or irritate your skin. Likewise, I don’t think anyone with a sensitive skin type can use this frequently. But if you are curious about this product, it retails for Php 124 only.

Even after this product review, I still want to try other items from Rraw. I really want to try more of their bar soaps, especially the more hydrating ones!


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