Bonajour Green Tea Water Bomb | Review

Hello everyone, I’ve got another korean product via Charis Celeb to discuss today. Now, one of the ingredients I enjoy in my skincare is green tea. It has loads of benefits for the skin. Among these are its antioxidant property, making it a potent anti-aging ingredient, and its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects. Today, I’m introducing you to a green tea-based moisturizer from Bonajour.


This is the natural moisturizer cream containing green tea component, peptides and natural moisturizers without any harmful element and its satisfactory feeling and reasonable price are attractive to the user.

[ water balance ] water 85% / oil 15%

The Green Tea Water Bomb comes in a simple plastic squeeze tube with 100 ml or 3.38 fl. oz. of product. It’s creamy white in color and doesn’t carry any scent. I thought there would be because I have never encountered any skincare with green tea in it before that didn’t have any scent but yes, there’s no fragrance. There’s not even a subtle hint of herbal or green tea in this.

On the Bonajour website, the main ingredients of this are green tea, some peptides and “natural ingredients” that provide hydration. Other than that, not much information is provided for the ingredients.

I can best describe its texture as a gel-cream in a way that it’s not too thick to be used by someone with an oily skin like me. I do think this is targeted more for individuals with normal and dry skin types though. However, in my experience, it is easily absorbed provided I apply only a small amount of it. I put 3 small dots on my forehead and cheeks then spread it elsewhere on my face. It feels tacky on application but it never crossed the line to being greasy on my face. Within a minute, that tackiness will give way to a smooth and soft feel. My face will also sport a healthy and dewy glow because of how hydrating this is.

Bonajour Tea Tree Water Bomb before and after

I believe my skin appreciates this more because of how dehydrated I am. I’ve tested this in the hot and humid environment of my country, the Philippines and it never makes me oily throughout the day. So for all you oily, dehydrated skin types out there, this is a good. lightweight, hydrating moisturizer for you. And if you are someone who also prefers not to have any fragrance or scent in your skincare then I definitely recommend this. I’m giving it my TWO THUMBS. You can get it on my Charis Store now for those of you who are interested.

What do you think guys? Let me know down below!

[*Charis Celeb & Bonajour has kindly provided the product for review. All opinions are my own.]


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