With Me Signal Metal Prism Glitter | Review

I love using glittery makeup as toppers to any look. Eyes, cheeks and lips, I enjoy giving another dimension to whatever makeup I put on. But most often, I prefer them on my eyelids as they just make your eyes pop in a delightful way. Today, I’ve got some glittery eyeshadow to show you I’ve been using recently.


Bright eye shape completed with one touch

The Signal Metal Prism Glitter from With Me come in plastic, rectangular, see-through tubes with a short wand and a doe foot applicator. There are 6 shades for this line and I was sent two of them. Rainbow Sunset is a pale cool-toned frosty pink while Mannish Brown is a warm metallic copper. I don’t find the glitters to be chunky or gritty at all.

Rainbow Sunset is a great lid topper for any color in my opinion. It brings a unique dimension to any eyeshadow look but Mannish Brown is a perfect color in itself for a simple wash of color on the lids. I’ve been wearing the latter shade mostly on its own. It’s good for an everyday lid shade if you want to be quick and you don’t want to fuss a lot over eyeshadows but you still want to bring something extra and sparkly to your eyelids.

These are surprisingly easy to work with. They don’t feel sticky at all and you get some time on your hands before they dry down. A little goes a long way for these glitters too so you really only need a small amount on the lids for these to show up. My preferred way of applying these is using my fingers so I can pat and press the glitters in on top of the lids or any matte eyeshadow base I’ve used. I’ve tried them out first using flat shader brushes, a MAC 239 and a Zoeva 234, but I just like how I have more control when I use my fingers.

With Me Signal Metal Prism Glitter swatches on lids

I’m loving these at the moment and I hope I can get my hands on the other shades as well. These are just so fun to use and the fact that they look so gorgeous on their own is a huge factor. By the way, these are available on my Charis Store if you want to try them out.

Who else is into glittery liquid eyeshadows? What are your favorite brands? Tell me down below.

[*Charis Celeb & With Me has kindly provided the products for review. All opinions are my own.]


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