Benton Cosmetic Snail Bee Ultimate Hydrogel Eye Patch | Review

Happy Easter everyone! How has your weekend been? Did any of you made plans?

Anyway, I’m here to discuss a new korean eye patch. In general, I haven’t had the best experience with them. More often than not, I will usually find something disappointing about them — doesn’t adhere to skin well, no effect on undereye area, etc. That doesn’t mean I’m not willing to try out others. This review is proof of that. Now let’s dive into these eye patches.


benton eye patch1

Snail Bee Ultimate Hydrogel Eye Patch hydrates and  nourishes skin with Saccharomyces/Snail Secretion Filtrate Ferment Filtrate, Bee Venom and seaweed extracts. The hydrogel eye patch vitalizes and refreshes skin, leaving the eye area bright and supple.


  1. Gel patch with high contents of premium essence.
  2. Contains Gold, Diamond Powder, Pearl Powder, Charcoal Powder for firming, purifying & vitalizing skin.
  3. Naturally derived gel patch with great elasticity and excellent adherence.
  4. Multi-tasking patch not only for the eye areas, but can be used in a variety of ways on areas with wrinkles and skin concerns.
  5. Eco-friendly, water soluble eye patch derived from seaweed that naturally dissolves in lukewarm water.

benton eye patch2

The Snail Bee Ultimate Hydrogel Eye Patches come in a black plastic tub with its own plastic spatula. There are a total of 60 eye patches which can be good for 30 days or 1 month depending on how you use them. The eye patches themselves are colored black and have gold speckles all over. These are soaked in a clear but viscous, snail mucin-like essence. There’s a subtle floral scent to the essence but I hardly notice it.

The main ingredients are saccharomyces/snail secretion filtrate ferment filtrate, bee venom, tea tree leaf extract, seaweed extract, gold, diamond powder, pearl powder, charcoal powder, niacinamide and adenosine. The ingredients of the essence included here are naturally derived and do not contain artificial coloring, fragrance, PEGs, silicone and other harmful ingredients.

On initial application, these will slide down a bit on the face but after a couple of seconds, they start adhering very well to the skin. Everytime I wear them, I can move around the house and my room without worrying if they will slip down my face unlike other eye patches I’ve tried which requires me to lay down instead. And the hassle of pushing them up into the undereye every few seconds? Nope, haven’t experienced that with these either.

I didn’t think these made any difference until I saw my before and after photos. While these didn’t do much for my undereye discoloration, I was impressed by how less puffy the area looks after I have removed them. Also, can you see how the fine wrinkles has visibly and significantly lessened? That’s the part that blew me away. I can immediately tell how hydrated the undereye areas look after I peel the patches off. And even if you don’t put these in the ref, the patches always feel so cool — due to the seaweed extract –and I believe that’s one of the reasons why my undereye areas have been depuffed.

Benton Snail Bee Ultimate Hydrogel Eye Patch befire and after

Aside from the obvious undereye area, these can be applied on other areas as well where you can usually locate the earliest wrinkles like the forehead, nasolabial fold or the neck. After you’re done with the patches, they can be repurposed into something else. Just put them in an empty spray bottle, add some lukewarm water and et voila!, you now have some snail bee face and body mist at hand. I applaud Benton by the way, for making these patches water-soluble and therefore, environment-friendly.

Would you purchase these patches on your own? If I saw these results on someone else, I definitely will invest in  a tub of these just to find out for myself.

[*Benton Cosmetic has kindly provided the product for review. All opinions are my own.]


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