Sundays Luxe Ultimatte Liquid Lipsticks | Review

I’m so eager to share with you all the product I’m reviewing today. Sundays Moderne Beauty has come up with their own liquid lipsticks and I was given the opportunity to wear and try out two colors from their initial range. Now, the brand is local and I have reason to believe they can compete with the international beauty market.


Sundays Moderne Beauty just gave birth to a fancier and more sophisticated baby – Sundays Luxe! More luscious formulas housed in the same beautiful Sundays signature packaging.

For its first collection – The Ultimatte, Sundays Luxe features your newest go-to liquid lipsticks. Our thin, lightweight formula smoothly glides on the lips leaving intense pigment for a bold, ulti-matte look. So intense that one swipe is enough! It applies as a creamy liquid and quickly dries to a matte finish. Packed with the most moisturizing ingredients, our Luxe lippies promises comfortable and long-lasting wear all day, everyday. Five intensely eye-catching shades to make you stand out.

Their newest item, the Luxe Ultimatte Liquid Lipsticks come in these gorgeous clear tubes with a rose gold cap. When they say luxe, they weren’t kidding. Each tube contains about 5 ml of product. They have 5 shades all in all and I was sent these two, Bianca, described as a marvelous mauve and Miranda, a ravishing red. They don’t have an added fragrance in them so they smell like your typical lipstick.

They have short applicator wands and to be honest, I prefer these shorter lipstick applicators as opposed to how majority of western brands have longer wands. The reason is because I find it easier to apply a liquid lipstick with a shorter wand. Also, I have more control over how precise I can apply the color on my cupid’s bow and angle of the lips with shorter applicators.

As for the formula, it has a thin texture and almost feels lightweight on the lips. It is fully opaque with a single swipe and with only a few dots, can be applied sheer based on your preference. It’s not hydrating but it’s also not drying. And that’s all I really require of in any lipstick. I don’t care if it does not last all day. I don’t mind if it doesn’t hydrate at all. But what bothers me the most is if the formula will cause chapping and cracking of my lips. The point is, I would rather reapply a nondrying liquid lipstick 5 times in a day than get stuck with chappy, flaky lips all day for hours on end.

They last on me for about 4-5 hours without fading. After eating and drinking though the color on the inner lips will start to fade. Greasy meals will remove them faster so keep that in mind. Also, they are very easy to remove with ordinary makeup removers.

Other than the lips, I have tried these elsewhere. You can work with these on the eyelids and cheeks too. You just have to work fast and in layers because they dry up quickly and if you’re not fast enough, they will leave patches. The first time I used these on the cheeks, I applied it the way I would a cheek tint — 3 dots on my cheeks — and ended up having a streaky area on one side of the face. To avoid that, apply one dot at the time and blend it out first. You can always build up the intensity of the color later on.

Sundays Luxe Ultimatte Liquid Lipstick wear

Wearing Bianca on the lips and lids. Miranda on the cheeks.

To end this review, I can recommend these lipsticks to anyone and if you have perhaps the driest lips among your peers, congrats you can still wear this. Just make sure your lips are properly prepped before applying these. These are one of the cheaper liquid lipsticks in the local market, retailing for Php 349. Since they just launched yesterday, there’s a 10% discount on the Sundays Moderne Beauty Shopee store for these so better get moving!

[*Sundays Moderne Beauty has kindly provided the products for review. All opinions are my own.]


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