Keep Cool Soothe Bamboo Toner | Review

I’ve been hearing and reading so much about Keep Cool’s product that I got so excited when I finally had their Soothe Bamboo Toner at hand. I opened it as soon as the package it was in arrived and now, after using it twice a day for more than 4 weeks, I will be sharing my review of it.


Keep Cool Soothe Bamboo Toner1

Your skin gets irritated every day, every hour, and every minute, from outer environmental factors such as weather changes, fine dust, and stress. Keep Cool Soothe Bamboo Toner contains naturally derived ingredients from the forest to deliver the comfort from nature directly to your skin. 85%(850,000 ppm) of Bamboo Water immediately hydrates skin, while the Phyto Green Shower Complex soothes it down. This toner has a pH level 5.5 of slight acid toner to help balance skin acidity.

The Soothe Bamboo Toner is probably the toner in my skincare stash with the most volume. It comes in a clear plastic bottle containing 350 ml of product. It has everything I could wish in a toner. It’s a clear fluid and is completely unscented.

This has a watery consistency, absorbs so quickly into the skin, and doesn’t leave any tacky, sticky or greasy feeling which makes it perfect for layering.  I usually apply up to 3 layers of it because it moisturizes my dehydrated skin without making it uncomfortably sticky. Now for any of you who doesn’t know, it’s already summer in the Philippines and this toner is a perfect companion for my skin in this hot and humid weather. I’ve also transferred a small portion of it to an empty spray bottle so I can bring it with me anywhere I go. I just mist my face with it anytime I fancy so my skin can stay hydrated. The photo below will show you how dewy and healthy my skin looks after I’ve applied this.

Keep Cool and Soothe Toner before and after

This contains 85% bamboo water, phyto green shower complex (Cypress, Thuja Orientalis, Pine, Bamboo), sodium hyaluronate and polyglutamic acid. Another thing to love about this toner is it supposedly has a pH of 5.5.

To cap off this review, I just want to say that I am loving every drop of this toner. This is definitely one of the best hydrating toners out there and for my skin type, is a strong contender for the position of HOLY GRAIL. I know I’ve already declared another toner a while ago as my HG but I can’t help it that this is just as good. A definite repurchase is in the books for this one especially since it comes in a big bottle.

Who has tried this toner? Or any products from Keep Cool?

[* Keep Cool has kindly provided the product for review. All opinions are my own.]


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