First Quarter Empties of 2019

I’m going to post my empties quarterly for 2019 because I’ve noticed since last year that there are some months when I only have 2 or 3 finished products and some months when there aren’t any. This year though, last month has seen a lot of emptied items and February had none. Anyway, here are those empties.

Now for face masks, I would have shown you more but my younger sister keeps on getting the extra essences from these and then throws them out immediately after. My favorites from these are still the ones from Dr. Morita.

I’m not going to repurchase all of these. What I will repurchase are the cleanser, cleansing oil and the items from Laneige but not at the moment because I still have a lot to go through and because of the no-buy thing. My only dilemma with this decision is that I don’t have a replacement for the matte makeup setting spray. I’m praying that I won’t break my no-buy period just for that.

Your turn now. What products have you finished recently?


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