Skiplist No.4: Saying No to These Makeup Collections

April 2019 Anti-Haul

Let’s do another round of skiplist guys! Are you ready?

  • Nikita Dragun leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I believe she made Dragun Beauty because she knows her fans will buy it from her and honestly, I kind of feel like she’s just going to mooch money off of them. What do they call themselves anyway? Dragunites? That sounds like the pokemon.
  • The MAC x Aladdin collaboration is so disappointing. MAC had the opportunity to make this collection as amazing as it sounds. When I think of the Disney movie and an Arabian Night themed makeup, I think of jewel-toned colors like teals, purples, blues, reds and yellows. But from what I can see, it’s just another neutral-themed collection.
  • Have you heard of the Silicone Infused Super Sponge? Anyway, it’s a silicone-coated makeup sponge initially at priced $19.95, but it has reportedly increased to almost $25 after Tati’s review went up. A lot of their potential customers were annoyed by this and I think due to backlash, they returned it back to its original price and when I went to check on it, you can see how the price of $29.95 is slashed off and the original price has become the pre-order price. My bet would be once they have mass-produced the sponge, they’ll start selling it for almost $30. HARD PASS.

Silicone Infused Super Sponge

  • The biggest disappointment in my opinion is the Game of Thrones collection from Urban Decay Cosmetics. I’ll admit I was so excited to know every detail of the line up but I guess my expectations were too high that when they finally announced it to the public, I felt I was let down. I don’t like the palettes, I thought they look cheap — especially the packaging. The lip products look interesting though but I wouldn’t be able to wear them.
  • NARS is once again doing an Orgasm Collection. I get it, Orgasm is a cult favorite but when the shade is being carried over to a variety of other products, it kind of loses its appeal. Am I the only one who feels that way? Now don’t get me wrong, I loved the previous Orgasm collection with the lip balm and loose powder highlighter but this time, it feels like the brand is dragging it too much.
  • The whole Ulta Beauty x Avengers collection is a joke to me. Whoever gave the green light for this to happen from Marvel’s side should’ve thought hard and considered other options. I mean, I would have preferred a collection with ColourPop instead. I’m not saying I’d buy it from CP but at least the customers will get their money’s worth.

Let me know what you think of these releases? Love them or don’t care about them? What other products should be included here?


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One thought on “Skiplist No.4: Saying No to These Makeup Collections

  1. I’m going to be skipping out on these makeup releases too!
    I was also excited about the Game of Thrones collection, but realistically the packaging on the palette is so bulky and the shades don’t appeal to me, so I was also disappointed!


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