iUNIK Propolis Vitamin Sleeping Mask | Review

I love the skincare ingredient propolis and I love sleeping masks. Put them together and I will get tremendously excited. That’s what happened when I learned that iUNIK was going to release a product like it last year. As soon as I was able to, I ordered it online thru an official distributor here in the Philippines. It’s the first iUNIK product I opened and I’m glad I did.


Iunik Propolis Sleeping Mask1

  • Cream type sleeping mask enriched with 16% of Propolis Extract and Hippophae Rhamnoides Fruit Extract.
  • Offer intensive moisture and nutrient supplies to tired skin during your sleep, restoring clear, hydrated skin with natural glow
  • Double functional product with whitening & wrinkle-improving effects
  • How to use: After daily skincare routine, evenly spread a moderate amount over facial area. Rinse off thoroughly in the next morning.

The Propolis Vitamin Sleeping Mask comes in a yellow, plastic squeeze tube containing 60 ml of product. It’s a creamy white sleeping mask with a faint smell of something sweet. The texture is almost similar to a cleansing balm in a way that it starts off a with a waxy feeling but it will eventually get absorbed into the skin. However, because I have an oily skin type, it leaves a bit of a greasy and oily feel to the skin.

Nevertheless, I have always woken up with a soft, supple skin in the morning whenever I use this. The best thing about this mask though is not its soft and supple effect but rather the glow I wake up to. Because of the glowing effect, I tried it a couple of times as my daytime moisturizer but even the littlest amount still leaves an oily feel. Although it layers quite well with the rest of my skincare products in the morning.

The main ingredients of this sleeping mask are 16% propolis extract, 8% vitamin tree fruit extract and on of my top favorites, 5% centella asiatica leaf water. FYI, all three ingredients have hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties and that’s another reason to love this sleeping mask.

Iunik Propolis Sleeping Mask ingredients

For the complete list of this sleeping mask’s ingredients, refer to the photo below.

I haven’t noticed an improvement in my wrinkles or any whitening effect it has on the skin but I love using this especially at night as a last step in my skincare routine, right after my moisturizer to give an added boost of moisture and seal it all in. It’s one of the best sleeping masks I can recommend to any skin type and I think anyone with dry or normal skin can appreciate this the most. That said, I am giving this my TWO THUMBS UP because of how it works on the skin.

I bought this from an official distributor of the brand in Shopee, Beauty City. Who else has tried products from iUNIK? Or what would you like to try from them?


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