Aromatica Skin Clinic Best Sampler | Review

Today’s review is about this skincare set I received from Stylekorean for their “Try Me, Review Me” event. Before I got this, I have never tried anything from the brand Aromatica. I was curious enough to read up on some of their products and I found myself looking forward to trying out their best sampler set.



The Skin Clinic Best Sampler contains six items that are supposedly Aromatica’s bestsellers. All are deluxe sizes and are perfect as travel companions. I would seriously preserve this set as a whole for as long as I can to bring with me on my travels. The only thing I find lacking with most of these is their type of packaging. The serums need a dropper, the cleansing oil should have a pump — or at least have another way of dispensing the product, and the aloe vera gel may be better off in a squeeze tube.

For now, let’s get into those individual reviews.

AROMATICA Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil

A natural cleansing oil that helps immediately dissolve impurities and gently remove even make-up.

The Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil included has such a lovely scent. I was expecting something coconut-like but I was surprised to find it sweet and candy-like smell, a little bit like bubblegum. The oil is not really thick but I find it doesn’t have much of a slip when I spread and massage it on the face. It doesn’t emulsify as much as I’m used to with other cleansing oils but it is very effective in taking all the dirt and makeup off. It was easy to rinse off and doesn’t leave any kind of residue on the skin.

AROMATICA Tea Tree Balancing Foaming Cleanser

An organic foaming cleanser containing tea tree essential oil which penetrates deeply into the pores of the skin and gently cleanses away excess oils, impurities and make-up.

The Tea Tree Balancing Foaming Cleanser has a strong woodsy/herbal scent that I’ve gotten used to over time. It lathers really well and does the job of cleansing the skin, keeping it free from dirt. However, I am curious to know what level of pH this has. I haven’t had any reactions to this cleanser but it leaves a squeaky feeling after it has been rinsed off. To my experience, any cleansers with this effect usually has a basic pH. It’s specifically made for oily and blemished skin types, and with the possibility of a basic pH, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who is also dealing with sensitive and irritated skin.

AROMATICA Argan Intensive Hydrating Serum

An intensive hydrating serum that Ecocert approved organic argan oil creates a moisture barrier on the skin to keep intense moisture in the skin while polysaccharide extracted from tamarind seed deeply hydrates skin.

The Argan Intensive Hydrating Serum is my 2nd favorite product in this set. It has a milky consistency and barely has any scent. A small amount alone is able to provide sufficient hydration to my dehydrated skin face but it leaves a bit of a tacky sensation after it gets absorbed. Even if it does, it layers well with other skincare products — even non-Aromatica ones — and have not caused any piling. Most of the time, I include it in my morning and evening routine as it doesn’t cause my face to produce more oil during the day.

AROMATICA Rose Absolute First Serum

A highly concentrated organic serum enriched with rosa damascena oil and formulated with 79% organic aloe vera to help protect and restore balance of the skin.

If you are someone who loves the smell of rose in their skincare, then I would recommend this to you. The Rose Absolute First Serum has a thin, watery-like texture and smells strongly of roses. It’s the only reason why this is it’s not one of my favorites because I prefer unscented skincare in general. Despite the scent, I like how my skin feels with it, just soft and smooth to touch. It doesn’t have any stickiness or greasiness to it so it’s a good serum for any skin type.

AROMATICA Calendula Juicy Cream

A light and velvety moisturizing cream to deeply hydrate and nourish skin, leaving it soft and radiant all day long. This organic moisturizer is extremely gentle for sensitive skin.

This is the star product of this kit in my opinion. Yes, the Calendula Juicy Cream leaves a slight greasy feeling as soon as it is applied but that greasiness goes away after it has been fully absorbed by the skin. After a few minutes, the face just looks and feels so hydrated, soft and plump. It doesn’t feel sticky or tacky either. This has been a huge part of my night routine and sometimes I use it in the morning too after the aloe vera gel so my skin can feel more hydrated.

AROMATICA 95% Organic Aloe Vera Gel

A soothing, concentrated, and non-oily moisturizing gel containing organic aloe vera leaf extract to calm and balance skin naturally.

The 95% Organic Aloe Vera Gel is an ideal daytime moisturizer for anyone who has an oily skin. It’s a clear gel that absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving a slightly dewy and hydrated finish. There’s isn’t any tacky or sticky feeling to it on application. It has a faint herbal smell to it which I like better than another aloe vera gel I’ve tried. Since I’ve got a dehydrated skin too, on its own, I find this not enough to provide me with the moisture my skin needs. But on a very hot and humid day, this is absolutely perfect.

In summary, I think this is a relatively good and solid skincare set. All that’s missing is an eye cream, pH-balancing toner and sunscreen, and you’d be good to go. Another good thing about this set is they’re very travel-friendly. But if I were to consider repurchasing any of these, I’d pick the Argan Instensive Hydrating Serum and the Calendula Juicy Cream! By the way, you can follow them on their IG accounts here: Stylekorean & Aromatica.

Who has used any product from Aromatica? Do you have any recommendations for me?

[*StyleKorean has kindly provided these products for review. All opinions are my own.]


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