Face Republic Sleeping Beauty Rice, Snail and Aloe Face Masks | Review

I am always eager to try out new products, you guys know that but there is always a different level of keenness when it comes from a local brand. Honestly, I am getting so impressed by how local skincare brands are these days. They are doing their best in keeping up with the rest of the international skincare brands. Anyway, for now, let me introduce Face Republic.


Looking for premium-quality Korean skincare at a more affordable price range? Look no further than Face Republic. This new beauty brand aims to deliver complexion-transforming beauty products to Filipinos to help them achieve a poreless, flawless look—just like their fave Korean idols. Realize the dream of perfect skin with Face Republic.

Face Republic Sleeping Beauty Face Masks

In general, the sheet masks of these Sleeping Beauty Face Masks are a bit thicker than most but they fit so well on my face. They have slits on the sides that can hug the angles and contours of the face. They also have these extra flaps over the eye area which is quite unique. I find them useful because I can fit them under my eyes. They all have different scents to them but the texture and the consistency of their essences are quite similar.

The first mask is the Whitening Rice Formula and it has a pleasant powdery scent to it. Its essence left a tacky sensation on the skin even after it has been absorbed. I didn’t notice any brightening effect after I had pulled it off but it did leave my skin soft and moisturized.


The Nourishing Snail Essence face mask is my favorite among them. It also has a powdery scent to it but a bit different from the rice mask.  I love how soft and hydrated my skin felt after I had removed this. The essence was stickier than the other two but I don’t mind since I love the effects it has on my face.


Out of all these three, I found the scent of the Soothing Aloe Extract face mask to be the strongest because it smells a lot like a bar of bath soap. I wish they didn’t include this kind of fragrance in their skincare because it can irritate skin in some cases. Despite the strong smell, it provided hydration. The stickiness of its essence is very much like the one from the rice mask.

Aside from these 3, I know they have 4 more variants out there and I plan to try them all. I’ve been looking for them since I found out they expanded their masks last year. I wanted to review them all at the same time but the Watson’s near my place don’t carry them. Each mask retails for Php 49 and they’re locally available in Watson’s, Beauty MNL, Shopee and Lazada to my knowledge.

Would you try these face masks for yourself?

[*Face Republic sent these products. All opinions are my own.]


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