Cosrx Cooling Aqua Facial Mist | Review

It’s getting hotter and hotter everyday here in the Philippines. These days I don’t enjoy going out in the morning or afternoon as much as I do in the evening even if it’s for the purpose of shopping. I have become more of an indoor person than I care to admit because of the weather here but whenever I really need to, a good and reliable face mist is just the way to go. Enter, COSRX.


A cooling, refreshing formula that purifies and hydrates skin. This formula helps skin maintain its essential moisture so that it remains soft and smooth throughout the season.

This Cooling Aqua Facial Mist is a total blessing for the intense heat in this country. It comes in a mint green plastic pump bottle that contains 80 ml of product. It has a refreshing citrus-lemon scent to it that doesn’t linger for a long time but a huge part of me kind of hope it does even though I don’t prefer any scent to my skincare. The citrus scent reminds me so much of going to the beach, a water resort or sipping a cold glass of lemonade.

The spray mechanism gives off a light, fine and even mist all over the face. It leaves a cooling sensation too. It’s one of the reasons why I held off from doing an immediate review of this — I bought this last year in June. I know I can appreciate this more at a time when the temperature and humidity of the country is on the rise — yes, this summer. Anyway, aside from the cool feeling, it also provides a quick hydrating fix to the face. I love misting this in the middle of the day as a welcome respite against the heat and to hydrate my skin a bit. It has a watery consistency and doesn’t leave any sticky or greasy residue, perfect for my oily, and dehydrated skin.

Main ingredients are centella asiatica leaf water, madecassoside, guaiazulene, aloe barbadensis leaf water and xylitol. For the complete list, refer to the photo below.

I’m so obsessed with this face mist because it’s something I really need this summer. Also, the cool and refreshing feeling after spritzing it on is definitely something else. I know I’ll be using this more frequently as the temperatures and humidity go higher this coming months. I do wish it comes in a larger bottle because the 80 ml might not be enough to last me a year. A definite repurchase is in the books for this mist because I’m giving it my TWO THUMBS UP. By the way, I was able to get my hands on this from an online seller in IG, @theglobetrottersph.

Now for the question, how does Cosrx keep on producing so much good stuff? I am never disappointed in their products. Kbeauty addicts, have you tried this yet?


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