Skiplist No.3: Monthly Makeup Anti-Haul

March 2019 Anti-Haul

What’s up everyone? Time for another anti-haul list from me! In keeping up with my decision to go on a no-buy for the first half of the year, here is another round of new releases I won’t give the time of day even if they go on sale.

  1. I don’t know how ColourPop decides who to collaborate with. I mean, I felt so proud when they had Bretman Rock but Zoella?! The last I heard of her, she was involved in some kind of scam about an advent calendar and that was 2 years ago. After that I wasn’t very much interested in anything related to her at all.
  2. I usually like the eyeshadow palettes that Charlotte Tilbury comes up with but the new The Icon Palette doesn’t really strike my fancy. It reminds me of the NARSissist and Kevyn Aucoin palettes in terms of the format and packaging to be honest, and more than that, the color scheme doesn’t interest me at all. The whole pops of blue and green shades in a neutral palette has been done over and over.
  3. I used to be impressed with Make Up For Ever‘s releases but the Let’s Gold Eye Palette felt like it should’ve been done 5 years ago. Eighteen shades of neutral eyeshadows for $45 is too much no considering there are lot more cheaper brands out there doing the same thing.
  4. Another brand I used to look up to is MAC Cosmetics. I had hope their latest Boom Boom Bloom collection might interest me because of the cherry blossom packaging but after watching the Beauty News’ The Makeup Breakup segment on the Fleur Real High-Light Powder, I was just disappointed. FYI, there’s an overspray on that powder and underneath it, it’s not really a product you can use to highlight.
  5. Kat Von D. Everytime she releases something new and it gets announced at Trendmood’s IG page, I find myself more eager to read the comments left by unimpressed, pro-vaccine people rather than know her products’ descriptions. However, the patchy swatches of the Vegan Love Palette featured on Trendmood is even more unimpressive.
  6. Another eyeshadow palette I feel shouldn’t have been done is the Morphe 35G Bronze Goals Artistry Palette. Honestly, to me it looks a lot like the 35F, which I already have, just rearranged. The only difference in my opinion is the packaging because the 35G palette can actually be likened to the cardboard packaging of the Zoeva Rose Golden palette.
  7. There are a lot of complexion products releasing at the moment and there are some I’m interested and some I’m not. One of those is the Face Tape Foundation from Tarte Cosmetics. They basically pulled the Shape Tape Foundation off the market, and relaunched, renamed, and repackaged it as the Face Tape with added dark shades. I still think they should add more shades in the deep range because there is clearly more fair and light shades.

What new releases are you not going to buy guys? Let me know!


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4 thoughts on “Skiplist No.3: Monthly Makeup Anti-Haul

  1. I felt the same at first about the Charlotte Tilbury palette! However, I went to the release event of the Iconic palette and collection and boy is it a good palette! Pleasantly surprised and only since Thursday I’ve already used it all weekend for daytime and nighttime. Colours blends so well!

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  2. I’m not feeling that Zoella collection either. There are so many great people they could have chosen and Zoella is just kind of meh…
    I laugh so hard when I read all the comments on KVD’s trendmood releases. I’m actively boycotting her since her announcement that she’s an anti-vaxer and I’m glad to see that there are so many people doing the same. But vaccines aside I’m just not interested in that palette. The colors are very ordinary even though they’re colorful. They kind of remind me of those paint sets I had in grade school…

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