I’m Guilty Ultimask Whitening and Moisturising V Line Lifting Mask | Review

Hey all! Today’s review has been a long time coming. I got this face mask last year from a giveaway on Instagram and the only reason I couldn’t get around to trying it as soon as possible was that I had other face masks that need to be used up before they become expired. Also, as much as I like to hoard, I can never use them continuously. Most of the time, I’m too tired to even complete a full skincare routine before I go to bed. Anyway, let’s get to that review.


Ultimask Whitening and Moisturising V Line Lifting Mask is a facial sheet mask that ensures that you will always have a toned, lifted, whiter and more supple looking skin wherever you are, whenever you want. 

  • The pack contains a unique type of mask that lifts your face because of the double ear loops and it also keeps the facial sheet mask in place while Ultimask works its magic on you.
  • The serum used for the mask gives instant effects of whiter, dewy and smooth skin.
  • The serum is made up of natural fruit and plants extracts that makes it friendly to all skin types and ages.

What it does:

It hydrates the skin from deep within, gives it a whiter, dewy glow and  restores the skin’s firmness to lift the face allowing your face to appear slimmer and visibly lifted, creating a small V Shaped Face effortlessly with no down time.

The Ultimask Whitening and Moisturising V Line Lifting Mask has quite a thick sheet mask — it has one of the thickest I’ve encountered. But it also contains a lot of essence and not everything is absorbed by the mask so you still have something to for the neck, upper chest, elbows, knees, etc. Their essence has a very pleasant powdery, fresh smell too.

The first few times I wore them, I felt some tingling sensation, most prominent on the cheeks and jawline. It wasn’t too uncomfortable on all times so I kept the mask on until it was time to remove it. Looking at the ingredients, I suspect it was the citrus fruit extracts causing it (orange, lime and lemon). I do know these will also be the ones to give the whitening effect. Upon removal, the first thing I noticed was that my face has definitely brightened up. The essence left a bit of tackiness behind but it doesn’t stay for long. Within minutes, I’m left with a nice glow on the skin and a hydrated feeling.

I'm Guilty Ultimask before and after final

My only issue with this mask is the fit. Supposedly, its ear loops will help keep the mask in place once hooked on the ears. But see, I have a more elongated face type and putting on the ear loops was always a struggle. Every few seconds, the loops would disengage from my ears. I didn’t bother with them eventually because I felt like they have a mind of their own. If I pull them up too high on the ears, it would feel as if I was choking.

I'm Guilty Ultimask edit

Overall, I like this mask’s brightening effect but I wasn’t able to fully appreciate what it can do on the account that I couldn’t wear the mask as it should be worn. I hope the brand will soon come up with a way to improve it, length-wise and all. But for those who wants to try them out, you can find them on Instagram and there website here.

Who else has tried a face mask similar to these?


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