In Her Element Nourishing Cocoa Balm | Review

The moment I found out local brand, In Her Element, was going to have a lip balm, I knew I was in deep trouble. During the latter part of 2018, I have began to amass quite a number of lip care products. And I knew once IHE’s lip balm becomes available in Beauty Bar shops, I’d soon have it in my hands. I’m so glad I bought it.


Service your lips with this yummy-smelling, ultra-nourishing balm (5g) made from natural ingredients you can eat – but don’t eat it because your lips need it! This balm can save chapped, cracking lips on a deadline and can even be an overnight lip mask when applied generously before sleeping.

Expect a lovely chocolate-y scent from this balm due to the cocoa butter in it. Yum!

The Nourishing Cocoa Balm is all packaged in a simple twist-up, classic lip balm tube, labeled with IHE’s pink and white logo. It has a light pink appearance in the tube but it doesn’t have any color pay-off. It’s very much clear when you apply it on the lips. It has this most delicious scent of milk chocolate and tastes remotely of cocoa too that I can’t help but lick off my lips once in a while.

The slippery feel of the balm lasts for less than hour but my lips feel and stay moisturized for at least 5 hours. I wear it before I put on any lipstick especially if I want to rock a matte lip look for the day. This is also one of the lip care products I enjoy applying before bedtime. I just apply layer upon layer on my lips and I wake up the following morning with no flaking or chapping.

A word of caution by the way. Don’t leave this in direct sunlight or where the temperature gets too high. Store it in a cool and dry place if you can. I may have left my makeup kit, where this was placed, inside the car one afternoon. I came back to find an oily residue at the top and bottom of the label. My fault, I know.

I am aware there might be other cheaper lip balms out there but when you’ve got lips like mine — lips that are dry and cracked as the dessert most of the time, believe me, this has been heaven sent. Plus, this is the best one I’ve had with this kind of price. The other lip balms my lips enjoy were more expensive so I would happily repurchase this from IHE over and over again. Yes, that means, I give this my TWO THUMBS UP.

You can get this here in their website for Php 185 or at Beauty Bar stores. For international orders, you may send them an email first.

Would you try this delicious lip balm yourself?


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