Vicle Cosmetic Peelsu Pure Cleansing Foam | Review

Hello! I am thoroughly enjoying a new cleansing foam right now. I haven’t heard of the brand until I got the product but I’m very happy to have discovered them. Have you ever experienced falling in love with a product on your first use? It has happened to me with a lot of makeup and skincare and I’m pleasantly surprised to feel the same way with this cleanser.


Vicle Peelsu Pure Cleansing Foam1

Peelsu Cleansing Foam with weak acid of pH 5.5 cleanses skin and removes dirt without any stimulation.

The Peelsu Pure Cleansing Foam has the simplest and most plain packaging. It’s in a white squeeze tube with its simple logo and label.  The cleanser is a semi-opaque, whitish gel accompanied by a mild scent that I feel is a combination of mint and something herbal. Oddly enough, I find the smell absolutely soothing to the senses. I love using it before bedtime because it just calms down a stressful day, if I ever had one.

For a weakly acidic cleansing foam, it lathers up very nicely and when it’s rinsed off, it leaves the skin soft, and smooth. My face feels so refreshed and clean too. It never strips the moisture off my skin — it feels rather hydrating — therefore, there’s no clean squeaky feeling after washing it all off. There’s also no dryness or any tight feeling afterwards.

Vicle Cosmetic Peelsu Pure Cleansing Foam

Pardon the messy hair. Look at how refreshed and clean my face looks after using the cleansing foam!

There’s no complete ingredients list on the tube but on the Charis site, the main ingredients are lemon peel oil, marticaria extract, lavender oil, calendula extract, eucalyptus leaf oil and tea tree extract.

Vicle Peelsu Pure Cleansing Foam5

I am so grateful to Charis for letting me try this cleansing foam. Never would I thought I’d end up loving it. Yes this gets a TWO THUMBS UP from me! I definitely recommend this cleansing foam to everyone. For those in search of a good low pH cleanser, have a go at this or at least consider this as one of your options.

By the way, this cleanser is available at my Charis Store.

[*Charis & Vicle Cosmetic has kindly provided the product for review. All opinions are my own.]


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