Purito Centella Green Level All in One Mild Pad | Review

I know this is not Purito’s newest product but I was only able to open this tub of centella pads the moment I was done with my previous tub of DCL Penta Peel. Now, while I was bidding my time for this, I had read a lot of positive reviews about it. It’s my turn today to share with the beauty community my thoughts regarding these pads.


With only this single pad, remove sebum and dead skin cells, soothe the troubled areas and wipe away makeup residue quickly and mildly!

It boldly eliminated AHA ingredients which irritate the skin when used with a pad!

The peeling pad that freshly removes dead skin cells with only BHA, Centella and other mild natural extracts.

These Centella Green Level All In One Mild Pad comes in a huge plastic tub containing 70 pads. I have half a mind to add a couple more dry, thin cotton pads in there because they are soaked with so much solution. It’ll be waste of good formula if I didn’t take advantage of it. The pads have two sides to them, a rougher side to remove dead skin cells, oil and makeup residue while the smoother side has a soothing and moisturizing effect.

Left photo: Rough side for exfoliation. Right photo: Smooth side for soothing and moisturization.

Out of all the centella products that Purito has, this has the most wonderful smell for me. Once I open the tub, I just linger for a while and inhale its minty, herbal scent. It has a calming and relaxing effect on me. Does certain skincare scents do that to you guys too?

They are big enough to be divided into two so one pad can be used twice. I cut them up so I can utilize them for a longer time period. Seventy pads multiplied by two is 140 — that’s the amount of days I’ll be able to use these. The most enjoyable feature I have experienced with these is that despite double cleansing, they were still able to pick up and remove dirt and leftover makeup from my skin. They also makes my face feel smooth and hydrated after. As far as mildness go, these are the mildest pads I have ever used. I have never experienced any stinging or irritation from them. I’ve been also able to use them in the morning. You can too, provided you don’t skip sunscreen, which in itself should be prohibited.

If you’re going to ask if it has a good value for its price. I can only answer you with this — HELL YEAH! A mild exfoliating pad that may last up to more than 3 months while others typically has only 1 month of use? What’s not to love? I mean, I do. I’m giving these pads my TWO THUMBS UP. I love these pads so much and I plan on repurchasing a tub of it when I run out of it.

Have you tried these from Purito?

[*Purito has kindly provided the product for review. All opinions are my own.]


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