Leegeehaam Hope 5 Alpha Control Cream | Review

Up until recently, I’ve never had a moisturizer I can call as my holy grail for my skin type skin. I actually have a list of moisturizers included in my wishlist and among those is the LGH Hope 5 Alpha Control Cream. I bought one early last year and I decided to put it to the test.


Lightweight mineral oil-free technology with patented special formula of LGH is combined together to provide the optimal oil and shine control effect. It is a strongly recommended cream for those who have shiny skin surface but dehydrated inside.

The Hope 5 Alpha Control Cream is contained in a simple plastic tub having a net weight of 50 g/ 1.76 oz of product. It has a protective lid after you’ve taken off the cap. Inside, the cream has a light yellow color and smells a bit floral and bit powdery. I like it; it doesn’t bother my nose at all.

The cream is more gel-like in texture actually. I’ve been using this twice a day, for more than a month now and I am absolutely amazed by how good it is. It gets absorbed quickly by the skin as soon as I massage it in and in no time at all, it leaves my face feeling soft and supple. It doesn’t feel matte on the skin but rather, it has a satin finish. It also plays well with the rest of my skincare routine, layering easily over my serums and toners. It helps a lot in preventing any oil and shine to breakout from my face during the day.

I’m just going to show you what I mean. The photo below is me bare-faced and all. Pardon the pores, the bumps on the forehead and the post-acne marks elsewhere. Due to genetics, I have been gifted with an oily, and dehydrated skin. I easily get shiny with just a few minutes after cleansing my face so immediate hydrating steps are needed. On the left side of the photo is my skin before applying the moisturizer and on the right is after the moisturizer has been absorbed by the skin. As you can see, the shine and oil on my T-zone and cheeks are immediately subdued.

lgh hope 5 alpha control cream before and after

I don’t know if this cream has really anything to do with 5 alpha reductase except for being named after it. FYI, 5 alpha reductase is an enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which has been hypothesized to control the activity of sebaceous glands. Now, an excessive sebum production is one of the key factors for the pathophysiology of acne so an increase in the enzyme activity will lead to a hormonal imbalance, ergo making people prone to acne. 

Enough science talk, let’s go back to the review. The only thing that would stop me from repurchasing this cream is its price. I bought this from Skincare Curator for Php 2,250. Why does a good product have to be that expensive? But I’m still planning to repurchase it after. I’m also going to continue my hunt for a moisturizer for my skin type but in the meantime, I’m calling this my HOLY GRAIL.

What’s your skin type? Have you found the right moisturizer for your needs?


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